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I can understand the allure of using Darkness to gain quick cash, but to tie her and make her learn french? That’s a war crime, not even abuse, i may be a sadist but there’s always a point where you draw the line /s

Just put Vanir’s mask on and she will learn French

what’s wrong with français?

I swear they could beat the demon king just by having Darkness make him feel extremely uncomfortable

Now might be a good time for you to marathon read the Light Novels. LN Vol 17 is out, in the midst of fan translation, is the final volume in the main series.

Though the translator is already done with one of the short stories in Vol 17, which is basically set after the series epilogue and confirms one of the ships.

Wouldn’t be the first foe defeated that way.

Darkness shares all my fetishes but for some reason she is not my waifu. Weird how that works.

You’d like to be tied up and forced to learn french?? Ok no judging or kink shaming here


Darkness is the waifu most weebs would have a chance with, purely because she clearly is into degenerates

Unless you read the LN then it’s revealed that although she’s a masochist, when it comes down to it, she would actually really dislike being raped/abused by someone she doesn’t know. She’d much rather do consensual BDSM in the bedroom with someone she’s in love with.

Megumin even looks cute as a birb.


I really want the drawing of Megubirb without the text on it.


I don’t think Darkness ever had one…

Secret message in Darkness’ panel to the right

“Headpat me and tell me you love me” truly the most masochistic of actions.

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