Reddit Anime Post: ah yes. me, my support and his 3m tall golem : DotA2

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r/DotA2 - ah yes. me, my support and his 3m tall golem

-Will Phantom Strike away when you need her.
-Is always elusive and out of touch with reality.
-Notorious gold digger.

-Has a warm hug.
-Always makes stunning entrances.
-You call him, he is there, no questions asked.

Is always sad when he has to go away

Is great at fisting

Also golem is kinky as fuck.


-You call him, he is still on cooldown for half an hour

Fixed that for you.

And with Aghs, you can have a threesome

Alsom, Golem is pretty stunning.

Golem: no longer has spell immunity and can simply be locked down until the timer runs out

Goes to bed with helmet on

Finds a way to blame pos 5

Typical carry player.

You think a 1 is just gonna take their helmet off??

Goblin Slayer approves.

We carry players need the helmet to protect us from additional brain damage

Love this meme, golems deserve hugs too

too hot to be hugged.

Golem loves Warlock.

Golem is heartbroken if something happens to him.

My mind is so fucked that I thought this was NSFW.

I like that idea .-u.-

Exactly because of this bias, the first thing that came to my mind was: WTF?
PA lying beside Warlock hugging his golem is next level weird…. until you realize they’re probably just camping or some shit like that, no big deal.

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