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Stunt Jump Failed

when u do a double barrel roll and land perfectly but fail it

Fuck I was gonna make that joke

That was really nice!

Thank you

I thought it was just the first one initially but i was so shocked when i saw the second one


The guy in the chat asking for a money drop haha

Honestly, I wish there was a stunts mode where you were judged for the flashiness of your stunts.


I thought about this too, it’d be really cool.

Sometimes I’ll mess around with a BMX bike at the skate ramp in the Little Seoul park, and wonder what it’d be like to have spectators rating your jumps and tricks, haha.

Brooo that is dope!

thank you!

Smooth criminal

That landing tho


How many?

How many tries?

About 5. But earlier I landed on top of the metal support and I was really butthurt i didn’t record that


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