Game News: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Season Starts With Special Furniture And Clothes

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If you’ve met Harvey he’ll call from Photopia suggesting you come on over. You can go to the Dodo Airport in your town and head to Harv’s Island to begin the wedding festivities for Reese and Cyrus. The event centers around helping to decorate Harv’s photo studio for the happy couple.

The event is simple enough–just listen to the theme of the day and make your photo decor match their wishes. You’ll be rewarded with a special currency called “heart crystals” and sometimes they’ll give you special wedding furniture. You can collect other pieces of wedding furniture throughout the event, and you can exchange the heart crystals you earn for even more themed furniture, decorations, and clothing items.

Animal Crossing has been used to help players socialize during social distancing due to the coronavirus, including at least one virtual wedding from a couple who were forced to cancel theirs. Players have been making their own decorations for these events, but this should give them some nice official furniture and clothes to use for the occasion. For more seasonal happenings in Animal Crossing, check out all the new fish and bugs you can catch.

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