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That’s a funny title

so who did OG impregnate?

Porn in Java

Notail releasing his disappointing seed just like my father.

Cheesie looks like he’s one disband away from starting a methamphetamine empire and finding out his gf fucked Ted.

lmao what

Wow dude. Years and years and years of reddit. You get the occasional laugh. You breath moire air out of your nostrils than usual at the occasional comment. But holy shit. I read this, before looking at the picture. Didnt think too much of it, looked at the picture and burst out laughing for 1 minute straight. Great job to you sir

u/G2ocelote u/G2Esports

They have your name on them.

We’re waiting for you guys to come over to this side of esports.

Ngl I’d be pretty pumped to see OG vs G2 in Dota

idk I don’t think G2 would want to make their Dota debut with a barely T2 team. All their other teams right now are popping off.

that would be not og seed

G2 has been a beast in esports lately, their LoL ended up 2nd on last year’s Worlds and their CSGO’s been popping on 1st place in BLAST, and them 2nd place on Intel and ESL Rio. EU scenes had been more colorful because of them. G2’s history alone could deem Seed unworthy, but knowing Seed has a HUGE potential, they’d be on G2’s radar some time now.

The only problem is EU Dota is so stacked, even their tier 2 teams could withstand a fight.

Interesting if VP will do the same with their Prodigy squad.

If they dont keep the Prodigy squad lmao… They might even be a better team, if not, its very close.

more like dropping the “main” squad

vp definitely has a rough situation on their hands. either believe again in the peak of the noone/solo duo, or put all ur faith in VPP. i would like to see chaos and have vp sell vpp and epileptick1d/save also have a notail like vengeance and thrash vp for spurning them twice

cant wait to see what happens and which new organizations come

Reddit Anime Post: The 418th Weekly Stupid Questions Thread : DotA2

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Ready the questions! Feel free to ask anything (no matter how seemingly moronic).

Other resources:

The Dota 2 Wiki has tons of useful information.

When the first hit strikes wtih desolator, the hit stirkes as if the – armor debuff had already been placed?


How do you cut as axe? I have been really struggling against juggernaut, especially when my 4 is roaming. I can usually hold until level 3, where i feel ok to start cutting. Normally this is also when i get my boots, but when i go to cut, i just simply die. I can get 1 wave before the support comes and harrasses me down (normally if i run at them to call, they will slow or root me). If they don’t kill me, the jugg will come and just smoke me, leaving me with a death and jugg with some free farm. What am i doing wrong?

can a courier block a neutral camp

when does the bundle usually come

How does the team feature work? It goes away from my name after one game everytime.

Can Bane prevent an ally from dust or does it just work with abilities?

he can’t prevent dust, afaik

will there be bp levels for a discounted price

I don’t think so. There is a battle level bundle coming though. It’s usually like 100levels + immortal treasures for very little money

Edit: compared to buying levels itself, the bundle will still be like 20-30€

probably at some point.

Can you control the direction of the tornado from a dominated Wildwing Ripper?

Afaik you can control the tornado itself

Just general estimation :

What percentage of dota community are weebs/anime fans?

Same question but among the pro players?

100%, only a weeb can be a real dota fan.

literally the same answer.

I set button 2 as key to select courier, but now sometimes when I press it it select both my hero and cour. Why tho?

Maybe you had your heroes set in a control group (1-4) try to set your cour on the control group you want, then your hero on the other control group.

For example:

My Lone Druid hero is set on key 1, and the bear is set on key 2. I have to set the cour on key 3. *but this only works when i play LD

Then, next game I play a different hero say AM. I can set AM on key 1 and cour on key 2. The next games I play LD or AM i wont have to change anything

In the guild contracts list, some contracts have hero images but the task is getting 180 last hits. Do i have to play as that hero or i can get 180 LHs in any game i play?

seems fairly clear that you should earn 180 lh as that hero

When will gaben release the 100 levels for bp?

probably along with steam summer sales , probablt end of june (my guess is around 25th)

Reddit Anime Post: Games for someone who is easily frustrated : truegaming

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who is new to video games
Dragon Age: Inquisition

We tend to forget how much skill is required to play a video game. We forget that we’re even holding a controller and that we have to coordinate our fingers to press buttons and that even a few millimetres off can lead to vastly different results with both stick and mouse. And that these games build on 4 decades worth of accumulated tropes. Very few people have heard about “mana” outside of games or could name what the term actually is for.

You made the right choice when you didn’t give him the hundred hour AAA core-gamer colossi yet.

Nintendo games are usually a safe bet as they still do the family friendly approach. Simple arcade games can also be fun like Just Shapes and Beats. Hearthstone is also pretty accessible. Remember, it’s not about how hard the game is, but about how complex and long. Search for short game cycles that don’t assume you’ve spend 10 years to train muscle memory.

We tend to forget how much skill is required to play a video game. We forget that we’re even holding a controller and that we have to coordinate our fingers to press buttons and that even a few millimetres off can lead to vastly different results with both stick and mouse. And that these games build on 4 decades worth of accumulated tropes.

My wife and I were taking turns playing a game the other night and she looked over and asked, “What are you doing with your hands?” and I was holding the controller in such a way that my right pointer finger was curled in front so that I could use it to touch the buttons while my thumb remained focused on the right stick. It’s something that I just do sometimes that I don’t ever remember consciously thinking about and it blew her mind – it looked painful and awkward and she couldn’t fathom it.

Traditional JRPGs. They’re designed to be welcoming to all players while advancing in tactics as you go further in the game. Their length means the slope of difficulty is much more gradual.

Try Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VI, IV, Chrono Trigger, etc.

Visual novels aren’t really the types of games that are good for actually acclimating someone to gaming but if they enjoy it, sure.

The problem with a lot of JRPGs is intuitive systems and/or harsh penalties for failure. FFIX is confusing and weird with how you gain abilities and requires a good amount of grinding unless you know how to make the system work for you. Making a mistake in Chrono Trigger can cost you a bit of time if you die in the right spot – especially if you’re new to gaming and not great at doing things.

That being said – I highly recommend cheating in JRPGs to learn. Back before I got into gaming a lot (20+ years ago…) I only really played Sonic and Mortal Kombat on my Sega Genesis. I was curious about games but not good at them and when I discovered JRPGs I was hooked and began playing a bunch of them on emulators – but I was bad at them so I wound up cheating. Playing through a few games got me to the point where I could understand the controls and the verbiage that’s being used. My very first play-through of FFVIII was when it was new so there was no cheats and I couldn’t comprehend the Junction system and I wound up playing through 90% of the game summoning repeatedly for every single fight. Now I could pick the game up and play it without ever summoning or losing a single fight.

The Lego games are fairly simple and fun. Lots of unlocks, lots to do, and if you die you simply drop some brick studs and respawn right away. It’s what my kids are learning on.

Telltale games are fun and engaging – especially Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead season 1.

Shit, I almost forgot the Telltale games! Will definitely look into those

From my personal experience, got The Witcher 3 Complete Edition last week and I played for about 5 hours and ended up picking some plants/flowers and get a goat back for someone, the story very little. I met Yennifer, played Ciri and defeated the Wolf king, but that’s all I could do. At least it was only 15 euros so didn’t loose much. I also have the books and will start those, I’m actually more interested in the books :))))

After that I returned to AC Origins, at least there the side quests are relevant to the story or they tie them a bit better.

The Trails Series – played on easy or story mode difficulty. They actually have one of the best turn-based systems in gaming, genuinely fun , full of interesting variety and not very punishing at all (on the easier modes). Unlike persona or final fantasy style systems the RNG gods aren’t especially prevalent and don’t exist to frustrate and annoy the way that they do in persona.

Also – despite having an amazing combat system – everyone plays those games for the characters,world and storytelling

Entry Points would be Trails of Cold Steel 1 (PC, PS4) or the much older Trails in the Sky (PC)

I’d suggest cold steel. Your friend can easily go back and play the series from the start if he falls in love with it.

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Reddit Anime Post: Assasins Creed or Skyrim? : truegaming

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If you haven’t played Skyrim I’d suggest that. It’ll keep you busy for a long time. The exploration and worldbuilding is fairly well done. It also stays consistently fresh throughout.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the first AC game I’ve played since Brotherhood and I really loved it for about 40 hours. Soon after I realized how shallow the gameplay loop and systems are. I could never finish it.

Skyrim doesn’t really have engaging gameplay – it’s more about exploring and discovering an interesting story and setting while sort of ‘defining’ your own experience. AC Odyssey, on the other hand, has gameplay that is a bit faster paced while you explore a realistic recreation of Greece.

I think Skyrim is the better game but I often find the combat dull – even on the highest difficulty setting. AC is fun but does it get repetitive. I’ve put about 500 hours across multiple playthroughs of Skyrim and around 90 in a single playthrough of AC Odyssey. If I was going to play one of those games right now I’d probably pick Skyrim.

What other games do you like and what sort of experience are you looking for?

Reddit Anime Post: Alternatives to WASD : A guide to different peripherals and analogue movement on PC : truegaming

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The first question you may ask is why I would want to use anything *other* than WASD for my characters movement. The answer to this is simple, I like tinkering, but the backstory to this experiment began years ago, while playing Battlefield 3 and 4. I used to switch to my controller beside my keyboard to fly helicopters and planes, not because I had to, I just found it easier than using WASD and mouse. I quickly realised that the BF series allows simultaneous analogue and digital input, I could use my controller left analogue stick to move my character and still aim with the mouse. I instantly liked this, I just prefer the accuracy and feel of full freedom of movement that analogue input delivers. This had some problems which I will explain further down, but essentially this began a journey many years of experimentation across lots of peripherals.

I have made this guide/review for the dozen or so people out there who are also interested in this and like me, have found very little discussion and details out on the internet. I did intend on doing a video review, showing each peripheral in use but I have a young child and have very little time to pull it off. Maybe one day. I doubt this will be seen much but Im posting it here because hopefully is searchable.

The benefits:

The benefits are two-fold, with WASD you are only sending an on or off signal to your character. Press A and you are saying run directly left at full speed, switch to D and you are doing the same to the right. Analogue input allows me to move at say 63% speed at any angle of my choosing and control my speed and direction. I find is particular helpful with driving vehicles in games because WASD just feels clunky to me. The second benefit is that I have more fingers free to use more actions simultaneously. With WASD I am dedicating three fingers to movement, with the option of moving a finger or two to another key to perform an action but then limiting my ability to react with movement. Say you want to throw a grenade with G mapped and also move diagonally top-left at the same time, you’d either have to stop moving for a fraction of a second or rearrange your fingers so that a different finger rests on W. Obviously you can remap keys to your mouse or elsewhere on the keyboard to be more optimal, but with moving movement to one thumb, you have four fingers free for any number of keys.

One criticism that’s been brought to my attention is that as you no longer have digital input, you can no longer strafe as quickly and this is 100% true. All analogue sticks have some kind a travel range and it is more than a standard mechanical keypress so you will strafe slightly slower. If you are a competitive CSGO player then its probably not for you. However, I do play competitive games and have found that the benefits out-way the cons to me personally, and I achieved my highest rank in Overwatch (mid diamond) using a controller in my left hand as Lucio.

In situations where a game doesn’t support analogue movement input simultaneously with mouse movement, I simply have a WASD profile in the Steam Controller Config where I emulate WASD with the analogue stick, still keeping movement to one finger but losing the analogue input benefit.

Ill order the peripherals as I “discovered” them, and to try and not make this too wordy (its already too wordy), ill just do a pros and cons list.

Xbox One controller:

As explained above I first used my controller in my left hand to play BF3/4 and then some Overwatch.

Pros – Well supported across Steam/Most games

Cons – Lack of buttons, especially obvious when only using the left side of the controller. Uncomfortable due to the weight distribution being designed for both hands being on the controller

Steam Controller:

Same pros/cons as the Xbox One controller except a bit more versatile due to its customization. Hard to use many of the benefits of a steam controller with one hand, though it has more buttons available (back and dual zone triggers).

Flight stick (in my case Thrustmaster HOTAS X):

Pros – Lots of buttons for every in-game action

Cons – Huge amount of physical movement + huge (relatively) deadzone means uncomfortable after not long and more effort for very little gain, but worth a shot. Trying to strafe while wagging it like a dogs tail was a good bit of comedy for my then-girlfriend though.

Playstation Move Nav Controller: Pic here

Essentially one half of the PS Move controllers, its just half of a playstation 3 controller so avoids the weight distribution con that I found above.

Pros – Light, comfortable, can use Steam to map to an Xbox controller

Cons – Lack of buttons, I couldn’t get the wireless working on PC as at the time the drivers were dodgy and I think I had a Bluetooth receiver/controller version mismatch

Wooting One Analogue Keyboard: In Action

AFAIK the first analogue keyboard, although there are a few coming out for other brands now. Backed this on Kickstarter and love it. Each key registers digitally (mechanical keys) but also the distance each key is pressed so you can make each key to an in-game axis, so WASD functions as an analogue stick.

Pros – Replaced all other devices as both keyboard and analogue movement input, great support and decent software, other neat features such as macros within the same key press (say an action is triggered at half press and another at full press of a single key).

Cons – Expensive, but not outrageous, I found it hard to focus on actually using the analogue input since my decades of muscle memory is to press hard and fast on the mechanical keys.

Razer Tartarus/Orbweaver: Modified pic

I got a second hand Orbweaver super cheap and have used that for ages, its great but has a major flaw – no actual analogue stick, as much as reviewers seem to call it that, it’s a fancy looking DPAD. So I have to do some modding and added my own analogue stick (see pic).

Pros – Comfy

Cons – Software is awful, lack of information on DPAD is annoying, not a real con, but Steam/Windows really struggles with using an analogue stick. Mechanical keys suck compared to every other key-type ive used. Feels like pushing the key stem through sand or cat hair or something.

Logitech G13:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on one, my friend beat me to a Facebook marketplace purchase for $30 NZD (like ~18 USD ish) and he quite likes it but he is firmly in the WASD-for-life camp.

Pros – Well made, doesn’t feel cheap, true analogue stick

Cons (as ive ben described) – hard to obtain, small analogue stick, outdated in-built screen and software

HORI Tac Pro M1/M2: Mine

I recently finally managed to get one of these second hand from Australia, which was very hard as they are not sold in New Zealand, it is my current peripheral of choice for a few reasons below. The problem with this device is, its plagued by negative reviews from people using it for its intended purpose (WASD / mouse emulation on PS4) which I can imagine isn’t very nice, I have yet to see a review for this usage. I do not use the mouse portion at all, just the left keypad for movement with my regular mouse to aim.

Pros – True analogue, similar feel to the Razer products, although I had to add some padding to fit my large hand slightly. Works natively now that Steam supports PS4 controllers (its default detected as one). Software is basic but easy to use and has onboard storage. Keys don’t feel too bad, somewhere like a Cherry Black but with more wobble.

Cons – Absurdly expensive, cost me $100 NZD second hand, they are like $300 NZD new, you can buy a new console for that much. Analogue stick has huge throw, more than a controller does, I fixed this by putting an O-ring around the analogue stick, not it has a short throw and feels nicer when it hits the plastic. Analogue stick has an annoying deadzone, its not horrendous, but seems to be at the driver level and noticeably more than my Xbox One and Steam controllers. I wish I could adjust this.

Azeron Keypad:

Looks awesome, has been sold out forever so I can’t actually get my hands on one. Sorry.

And that’s it, if anyone wants any further details or has suggestions for other peripherals I can try, please let me know. Hopefully one person out there finds this when they have the same tinkering itch that I did.

EDIT: /u/aimpad has wonderfully supplied a list of games that support analogue movement AND simultaneous mouse movement

I just wish games would accept xinput & kbm at the same time more often. So many won’t do it or have a delay when switching. I use a steam controller a lot and manly have kbm configs because so many games don’t like simultaneous inputs and I have to choose between mouse aim or analogue move.

Same here. It’s a bit sad more devs don’t fully implement steam controller API. Games with full support are brilliant.

I have documented all the games that I know support xinput+mouse here for anyone interested:

This is one thing GTA5 does absolutely brilliantly. The instant an input is registered from the other control device, the entire UI updates, and if you’re creative, you can use both at the same time.

Been wanting since day one to play Enter the Gungeon with controller for movement and mouse to aim. It’s impossible due to the view and inputs changing each time when you input from a different device. Games should try and make this control scheme work I think, it’s not as niche as it might have been a few years ago.

The few that do allow both also have the annoying facet that they’ll flicker prompts to showing Xbox/PS4 button prompts then showing keyboard prompts which is jarring. I like playing stealth games like MGSV and Prey or playing stuff like GTA where you really want an analog sticks for movement/driving but need the mouse for accurate aim

I own a device called Novint Falcon which is an extremely cool way of controlling games. It’s basically a 3D mouse, but the cool part was, that little motors were able to create a surprisingly high amount of force / resistance in all dimensions. That was used for straight forward stuff like firearm recoil, but also added real weight when your character was holding an object in game. I remember it being it particularly cool in Crysis, where you could feel the weight of i.e. holding a barrel and it getting immediately lighter when you switched to strength mode. Too bad it never really caught on.

THATS WHAT IT IS! I remeber when VR was becoming a thing and I saw some folks play Half Life 2 with one but I never knew what it was called. I have to find one one day!

Wow I forgot all about this thing. I used to be a part of a gaming clan like 10 years ago that raffled a couple of these off when they were new.

I tried to find a good solution to this same problem years ago, but eventually gave up and just went back to a gamepad. I hated aiming with an analog stick, but I hated moving with WASD more.

But a couple years ago, I figured out a new solution that made me switch to PC as my primary platform:

Dualshock 4, and use Steam’s controller config tools to map mouse to the gyro.


– Requires little customization in most games, just map the mouse to the gyro and use the default gamepad inputs for everything else. In games that get weird about using mouse and gamepad at the same time, you can map the right stick to the gyro instead.

– Perfectly balanced, as all things should be since you’re holding the controller the intended way.

– Retain access to all 4 shoulder buttons and all 4 face buttons without losing any movement or aiming.

– Rumble, which you don’t get with most of the options you tested.

– While you don’t need to do a ton of customization usually, you can if you want. I’ll usually have a button to toggle the gyro on and off, or in something like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or RE2 Remake I’ll have it so the gyro only activates when holding L2.

– And if you want to get really into customizing, you can do some crazy stuff with the touchpad. For example, I’m playing Dishonored 2 right now. I’ve got 1-9 mapped to a virtual button pad on the right side of the touchpad, giving me 9 hotkeys I can reach with my right thumb, meaning I can swap weapons and abilities without sacrificing movement unlike the d-pad hotkeys of the standard control scheme. But I still have the d-pad hotkeys, which means I have 13 total hotkeys I can use. Then on the left side of the touchpad, I’ve got Quick Save and Quick Load. Basically the touchpad can help make up for the gamepad’s lack of buttons relative to a keyboard.


– Gets wonky with some games, especially if they’re not native to Steam.

– When games don’t let you do mouse and gyro at the same time, mapping the right stick to gyro can be extremely hit or miss depending on how the game handles acceleration. Like, RE2 Remake? Feels great. RE Revelations 2? Feels real muddy and gross, especially compared to the excellent gyro controls in the Switch version of that game.

– The learning curve. This is the big one. You can’t just jump straight from mouse aiming to gyro aiming and expect to be as good. You basically have to learn how to aim all over again, which I imagine would be a huge turnoff to someone who’s put a ton of time and effort into getting good at aiming with a mouse.

Anyway I kinda went on a bit here, but I think it’s worth giving it a shot if you’re interested in alternatives and willing to do a bit of work to learn gyro aiming. As a side note, this also works pretty well with the Switch Pro controller, but I stick with the Dualshock 4 just because I like the touchpad.

– When games don’t let you do mouse and gyro at the same time, mapping the right stick to gyro can be extremely hit or miss depending on how the game handles acceleration. Like, RE2 Remake? Feels great. RE Revelations 2? Feels real muddy and gross, especially compared to the excellent gyro controls in the Switch version of that game.

Speaking of Resident Evil…

I faced that problem with Resident Evil 5, but I did figure out how to get Gyro Aiming working properly, and I made an entire video about it.

but if you want to see it in action, I got two standalone videos, one for traditional Gyro Aiming and the other is Wiimote-style Gyro Aiming.

+1 for mentioning gyro aiming. I really feel it’s the future of controllers as it allows such free aiming while retaining all the things people love about a controller. It’s a shame only Nintendo is really going with it rn, despite the DS4 having a really good gyroscope.

Boy if you don’t have one (and if you can even still get em), you really oughta get a Steam controller.

Wow, this gyro aiming sounds really interesting. It kind of sounds similar to how aiming in Rez Infinite for VR works? I find that aiming in VR in general works super well.

Here is what I settled on that works with almost 100% compatibility (but with a slight handicap).

I use an Xbox Elite controller hooked up to a Xim Apex and mouse. The Xim Apex is a device that allows you to attach a mouse and keyboard to a controller in order to use them on a console that may not natively allow it. It uses a combination of hardware and adjustable software to remap keys and buttons on the mouse and keyboard and then sends them to the system as inputs from the connected controller.

My left hand has never liked WASD becasue of some wrist issues, so instead of using the intended setup of the Xim, I actually just hold the Elite controller with my left hand. The Elite controller is better than the standard controller (and presumably the PS4 controller- although I’ve never tried it) because it has the paddles on the back that can be used for additional buttons.

The way I have it set up- I basically map the mouse to be the right half of the controller and hold the left half of the controller in my hand. The Xim makes the connected system think everything is coming from a standard controller, so it works with both the Xbox and any PC games that support the xbox controller.

The main downside of this setup is that the mouse speed is limited to the turn speed of the analog stick in the game. You set up the game to use the max turn speed, and in my experience most games have a setting that is high enough that it can feel very responsive with the mouse, but you will not be able to do a flick 180 to the same precision and speed of a mouse on the PC. Still, for casual and moderately competitive play this setup has never been a problem.

The other problem is that this is an expensive setup. The Xim is like $99 and the Elite controller is another $125-150, but this has been the most comfortable way for me to play shooters with a. high degree of accuracy.

I have tried using things like the Razer Tartarus and even the Azeron keypad as a replacement for the left half of the controller and WASD, but it has never felt the same. For me, there is a huge difference between having the left stick “on top” of the controller vs having it being on the side of the gamepads. And no game pad has a directional stick that feels as good as the Xbox ones. The tiny nub/stick of the Logitech G13 is hard to push, the Razer ones are stiff and not grippy, and the Azeron one, which is probably the best overall, is big and has too much range so you have to move your thumb too far for my comfort. I’m sure I could get used to it over time, but the controller just feels better.

So that’s my weird setup. TLDR: It works very well, but is expensive and limits you to how fast an analog stick could turn you in game at the max sensitivity.

RE Revelations 2 feels bad because Capcom didn’t bother to make the game work properly on pc. I played it recently with kbm and it felt wrong, so I did some internet snooping and found out that they made mouse input emulate analog movement. I imagine using gyro to emulate a mouse to emulate an analog stick just makes that problem worse.

Nah don’t apologise, I love a good detailed review. Thanks! Tbh I was aware of the gryo aiming with my steam controller and I’ve heard it’s good for games like Metal Gear Solid 5 which I plan on playing soon so I’ll give it a go!

Reddit Anime Post: “Hey all, Skye here!” : FortNiteBR

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Take My Energy

r/FortNiteBR - “Hey all, Skye here!”


The mashup we didn’t want, but the one that we need

Should it be Skyethewyze?


“Today we’re gonna kill some trespassers on Shark and idiots that made hentai with me”

*cue ~10-minute video of Skye going through the history of the Shark POI and how her feelings on the changes there is pretty mixed overall*

“Now if you’d excuse me, I have a prison to manage,”

*Doomsday Event floods the island*


[Outro music plays]




oh hell yeah hello rook

Where is her copy of madden 08


You can’t have Scott without Madden 08

Nice Black Mesa pfp nvm he changed it

Hi fishy

and fling smash

Reddit Anime Post: Quick LoL Thoughts: Game-Ruining Behavior Part 2 : leagueoflegends

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Quick LoL Thoughts: Game-Ruining Behavior Part 2

Our penalties for AFKing rely too much on queue penalties (like when a player dodges in champ select). We should be using other more significant penalties more often (e.g. temp bans) for players repeatedly afking/quitting.

that took some time

Yup just ban people for a short period of time if they repeatedly keep leaving, reminds me of my time in season one/two if I left too many games you would be issued like a three day ban. Repeated offence? A week

It’s funny because that’s what they used to do, but they had to scrap it because EUW was on fire every day, so people get DC’d by force.

As always, I’ll believe it when I see it. Still hilarious that it took them fucking years for something so utterly basic.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the champ select report function supposed to come out this month? Yet in the article they said they are gonna TALK about it more in a dev post next month. Maybe I’m remembering wrong but I do recall reading somewhere that it was supposed to come out this month.

Well they had that already some time ago but somehow scraped it.
I remember getting a 3 Day ban for leaving like 3/4 Bot games in Season 4.

I said it before and i’ll say it again. Riot did not previously act on this on purpose because we have proved we are addicted and will still keep playing even with these shitty players who afk/int in our games. So why would Riot ban them, another source of income, if they don’t have to. It was never about the player it was about the money.

I also said they won’t act on it until they have more sources of income to make up for those players being banned. Well look what came out this year. TFT and now Valorant. And now that they are out Riot has finally started cracking down on toxic people (or at least said they will, who knows if they will actually act on it).

Honestly I think the client’s too fucked for this

great update

How hard is it to get a 12 – 24h ban if you leave more than 2 games a day?

Good thong that ios only applied now that I can play without being interrupted every twenty minutes lol

Our detection algorithms are too basic, over-relying on things like raw number of deaths per game and player reports. We should also be taking context into account a lot more when it comes to how we interpret certain actions. If a player DCs immediately after a failed surrender vote for example we should be confident they’re deliberately quitting even if their stats or other recent behavior don’t look out of line. Or, if a player says they’re going to AFK or feed, then does so, we should be much more confident in penalizing them quickly even if they don’t have a history of such actions (it’s very clear it’s deliberate).

This is what I’ve been dealing with for YEARS.

i sent riot support a clip of a dude saying “i don’t want to win anymore” then running in 1v5 and that wasn’t good enough for action. i’ll believe this shit when i see it.

One thing I want you guys in this subreddit to consider is whether or not the details of any changes to the automated penalty system are things we even want to be released to the public. I know you guys often ask for Riot to communicate more… but often there are good reasons for a company to withhold information.

In this update, Riot just told us that they are considering penalizing people who DC after a failed surrender vote. Humans ain’t dumb. They’re going to read that and stop DC’ing after failed surrender votes. And you might think, “Great! That means less rage quits!” but it doesn’t will mean those ragers are going to play seriously in those moments now that they can’t rage quit. They’ll just do whatever they know won’t get them banned, such as alt tabbing back into game every few minutes to move their character around, hit something real fast, and then go back afk.

My point being that I would prefer as little information about the penalty system to be released as possible. I don’t want people to know how to get around it. All penalty systems are just puzzles that humans try to work out how to get around and masking information will make it much harder to “solve” them.

My favorite was when I suggested on this sub that if a player says “k im inting” and then dies 5 times in 5 minutes that they get auto-flagged for review and a potential ban. The response was “WHAT IF ITS JUST A JOKE?!”

Great, find a new joke.

They just dont say it anymore. They will just use sth else.

On my toxic days i just used “I love you all” and ran it Down. Or just ” 😉 “.

Thats 4 years ago. And everyone in EUW challenger knew what that meant

Our detection algorithms are too basic, over-relying on things like raw number of deaths per game and player reports.

I would expect something like this in 2005, not fucking 2020 when machine learning is the rage in the intelligence industry.

They have the data many businesses could only dream of having. Yet they don’t use it. But oh well, it requires both effort AND skills, and while departments like art or music in Riot are great, when it comes to software… just look at the client or website.

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After reading a couple posts about the grinding in ranked, I wanted to offer a different perspective and please forgive the poor writing, this is mainly a stream of consciousness.

My name is Emeraldw, I am not a masters or diamond player, probably some gold player at best. My relationship to ranked is that I play 20-30 some odd games for gold if I want the victorious skin, then back to normals. My only claim to league fame is that I wrote for Reign of Gaming many years ago (if you remember them, you might be old).

I installed league shortly before season 1 began and I have been playing ever since. In that time, I think I have something like 5k games and learned a lot about the game and myself. Some things I learned:

1: Teamwork

One of my favorite articles I wrote (that has been lost to time) is about how League teaches real teamwork. Not like those school projects that you had/have in school where one person would be better off doing it for everyone. There is no carrying a game like league by yourself, you have to work together whether you like it or not. Help yourself by helping your team.

This applies to league as well as work. I work as an HR Manager and I have applied this lesson at work. How can I make other people’s jobs easier? This makes it easier for me to get what I want/need and it helps them. Win-Win. And trust me, it is a lot better learning this lesson in a video game, than by learning it at work. (Give me a feeding Yassuo over a co-worker that gives me their work any day)

What did you learn from League that applied to life outside League?

2: Ask what you want out of the game

I don’t play ranked to win games, I play normals. There is no hope for me to become pro, I am going to be 36 this year. And given my job, do I really even have time to play to become one? Nope! So if you ask me why I play, the answer is simple.

I like playing.

That’s it, no deep thoughts here. I like playing the game, I like learning new roles, I like swapping from position to position. Will I ever master the game? Hell no, but that isn’t why I play. I play because I like how it feels to play and what I learn from it. League has helped me explore what I really enjoy about team games and I learned more about myself that only a competitive game can help teach.

What do you want from League?

3: Making the most of it

I have played now for 9 years and just recently have real life friends started playing with me. It can be hard playing with new players but the memories I am making playing with friends is more valuable. Again, I am not a good player and I have no intention to be, but I enjoy my time with them. No matter what terrible situation the game might throw at me, these memories are worth cherishing.

League can be infinitely frustrating because it is a team game, but when things line up with others, it is the best high.

TLDR: League has helped me a lot to learn about myself, how to work with others and the journey to get here was the real goal. If the other posts and this one give you one take away, it is to enjoy the journey more than than the goal. If everyone did that, maybe it would be a better game for everyone.

Edit: I am glad everyone liked a more positive take on the game. League is a great game and while it is by no means perfect, a lot of fun can be had by everyone playing together. Have fun, stay safe and I will see you all on The Rift.

maybe the real w was the friends we made along the way

Met my girlfriend after stomping her in lane.

We’re together over three years now.

This alone made it all worth it, easily.

That’s the right attitude! You only live once, enjoy the (wild) ride.

hell yea

I mostly play alone, still searching for that w i guess

I ended up flying to Europe to visit my gaming buddy in Portugal because of League, so I’m gonna have to agree with you.

Met my best friends in the amateur leagues we meet up every year now

I made more enemies than friends 🙂

a positive post on this sub ? i must be dreaming

Don’t worry. You’ll wake up real soon.

Hey you, you’re finally awake

Quick you need to shit post to balance the universe.


Must be a bug in the matrix. You will experience a deja vu soon.

Let’s change that asap! I fucking hate the client, ruti pls

When the outside world becomes too toxic, people start looking for ways to restore equillibrium elsewhere. Perhaps more people can adopt this veteran’s philosophy.