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r/gtaonline - Found this and thought it was appropriate to put it here

Time for them to endlessly batter the shit out of my multi million dollar sports car

I remember someone running me over and I hit a cop car with my dead corpse and I saw the stars rise in the corner lol

the lspd will arrest a corpse lol

Your vehicle has now been impounded by LSPD

You know the rules and so do i.

Never gonna give you up


edit: Guy should’ve posted it on this sub as well, where it was relevant

I honest to god thought this was gonna link to Never Gonna Give You Up, and I clicked anyways. And I’m kind of disappointed

Yeah sorry, I’m not on r/memes so I didn’t know

So realistic too

“Obey and survive”

I like to bully the cops on story mode with cheats. Explosive punches are fun just make sure you have invincibility as well or else you die when you punch anything

I was spectating a player who was prepping a bomb car for a Ballistic Armour dude who had got a wanted level in the process of killing this guy over and over again.

Pancake guy decides to play it smart this time, and is dilligently prepping a bomb car a couple of blocks away – loading it with bombs on all sides.

He gets in it and pulls out – just as a police car that was on it’s way to intercept the Ballistics guy clips him.

Guy immediately gets a 1 star, police start shooting and the first shot detonates a bomb.

I don’t think I’ve laughed harder at GTAV gameplay.

I really should be recording all the time.

at least it doesnt always happen, when cops crash into you and its their fault, you dont get stars

Never had that happen to me lol

Only if you’re not touching the accelerator or steering when they crash into you.

laughs in deluxo

Not far off for america

Wtf they added fentanyl to gta?

Reddit Anime Post: Dear Valve, if TI10 does not happen this year (which seems very likely) please take the time, money and effort you would’ve spent to organize it to improve the game for new and existing players. : DotA2

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Clearly there are millions upon millions of very passionate players still playing and paying for the game, even thought it’s true to it’s core Free to Play principle. Please use the energy you would have otherwise spent on making the best in class esport event to make the important changes to what is surrounding the amazing core game.

Including Dota Plus, future battlepasses, new player experience, seasonal game modes (please do more Siltbreakers, with great locations and lore, not half-assed year beast reskins).

And don’t worry – if TI10 will happen next summer, we’ll get another battlepass and break another record.

And please for the love of god do something about Dota+. It feels like an abandoned project for something branded as an “evolution” of seasonal battlepasses. I keep finding myself paying over and over for it just because it gives me a sense of progression and that makes the game more enjoyable for me. But for 4 bucks, it has to be more than just progression…

I keep finding myself paying over and over for it just because it gives me a sense of progression and that makes the game more enjoyable for me.

Didnt you hear the saying “vote with your wallet?” They won’t fix anything if you keep buying a broken product.

Abandoned project, where have I heard this before. Tagging r/artifact in case they know

Dota feels like an abandoned project

Fixed it for you.

I hate being the negative-Nancy but people need to fucking realize valve isn’t going to do jack shit, their horseshit strategy of only ever lifting a finger during TI is still working. People have cried about the neglect since 2014, if you think valve will fix anything now you’re delusional.

Pardon my swearing but it’s just flabbergasting to literally see the game fucking topics for literally more than half a decade. Every. Year.

People upvote them and gold them and think “oh boi that’ll show valve!” as if gabe can even see your mass of complaints from ontop his giant ivory-tower made of gold and tears.

If it wasn’t for icefrog being addicted to mango’s dota2 would’ve just been what all the other valve-projects have been the last decade.

Specially the hero voice lines with dota plus are joke with some exceptions

Its a nice sentiment, but they have had 10 years to do this, also they have billions of dollars so money really isnt the issues. Its the desire to do so thats absent

Have a proper tutorial and fix the Dota 2 Arcade system (some gems there like Dota Auto Chess / Fufu Ninja Wars)

Man can dream…

In reality: there are most likely different people organizing TIs and developing Dota, considering Valve’s love to outsourcing.

I will not stop repeating: the best thing Valve can do for Dota is to hire more people for it (or even creating separate org to run exclusively Dota). Right now there are only toppest tier seniors working in Valve, best of the best. But game needs juns and middles to do routine stuff like fixing bugs.

Shit the game could use marketing and just general people to keep the lights on too, or assisting the senior devs in areas that they seem to abhor, like daily bug fixes and maintenance or even brainstorming improvements to forgotten systems.

Srsly valve won’t hire you unless you have a Nobel Peace prize, on top of 10 years as project lead. Just hire some fresh out of college kids to do the basics and let your God tier employees do the fun stuff.

There is no dedicated development team for Dota. I don’t understand how people still don’t know how Valve works. People at Valve work on what they want. So people are constantly working on new ideas. That’s why you have a million half baked ideas and abandoned features.

Valve doesn’t really do maintenance, hence all the janitor jokes.

But it’s amazing that it takes a global fucking pandemic and cancellation of the largest esport tournament in history to try and get some BASIC features and support fixed.

Most heroes actually can use a good remodel, besides this, please Dota+ features, and fix the cosmetics bugs .

Throwing money at something doesn’t fix it.

Hiring people will though

SERIOUSLY. This is basically a year off from the crazy whirlwind of TI, no better time to focus your resources on making this game better in the ways that people have been complaining about for years now.

Except now they need to replan the DPC seasons, with likely a lot of talking to TOs and players. Work out how to fit in and play TI10 and 11 (As I am sure they have a venue booked already for 11).

So really the team that runs TI will be busy all year round anyway.

Lmao, even if it happens thy still got the 75% from the funding and thats alot of number to do “something” for the game

Reddit Anime Post: After 7 years and 22k wards placed, I reached Immortal as a pos 5 player : DotA2

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r/DotA2 - After 7 years and 22k wards placed, I reached Immortal as a pos 5 player

He Is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Ward

Wards win wars you know

Pos 5 bitch reporting in…. Echo give them a high 5 !

Do you mind sharing your Dotabuff? Any PMA Tips for Pos 5? i often tilt when my lane is weaker than anticipated especially when im at fault. My goal currently is Ancient, im Legend 3 but very static for the last 3 months, +-200 mmr.

I’ve had my dotabuff set private for a while so there won’t be much to look at. I learned a lot from watching pro player replays from (mostly Fly, Puppey and N0tail) and emulating what they do.

Regarding tilt, you have to realize that there is a lot more to supporting than just the laning phase. You can always recover from a bad lane, especially at lower MMRs. The enemy team will make mistakes and you have to be ready to capitalize on them. Also, always try your hardest even in completely unwinnable situations. Even if I’m the last one alive and megas are hitting our T4’s, I will try to do whatever I can to keep the game going.

If you play support, there will be lots of losses that are completely out of your control. 40% of your games are “free wins”, 40% of your games are “free losses” and 20% of your games you can impact for the better or worse. Don’t get tilted by the “free losses”, do your best all the time and practice as much as possible and you will climb.


edit: Another thing, don’t hesitate to mute a whiny player. If someone is bitching, odds are they won’t say anything useful so just mute them and focus on the game. I had to do that a few times today.

Rofl me too, got stuck at Ancient 4 since 2020 FeelsRainMan

I’m just gonna add this as a Divine carry player. Pick strong laners. If your pos 1 wins the lane and gets off to a good start, you will probably win the game. Avoid picking AA, Willow, Lion, etc. Good picks for pubs are Bane, Shadow Shaman, Jakiro, Dazzle, Ogre, etc…

wow, you’re insane. congratulations.

For real. Cant imagine what that dude has been through.

Where do you see the ammounts of wards placed at?

I’ve used the same ward and courier skins since I started (my first drop ever was a courier) and have a “wards placed” gem on my ward skin. You can also go to<your id>/totals and see your obs/sentries placed but its only for parsed games.

Congratulation! This is what I was searching for. A real pos 5 MMR climber! There are so many MMR climbing guide videos as a carry, when I only need is mental support to climb as support, LOL.

Thanks for posting this, I’m happy now, you are one of my inspiration now!

Thanks! A saying I heard a long time ago that kept me motivated is “there’s no support players in the lower ranks because the good ones climb” and it’s very true.

Congratulations man


Pos 5 main here! I got to high legend and then on a hard losing streak down to Archon 3.

I’m 10% off Legend 2 after climbing 600 MMR over last 2 weeks. It’s possible to get back xD

Reddit Anime Post: Dota 2 rare insults – Slark was on his team : DotA2

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r/DotA2 - Dota 2 rare insults - Slark was on his team - Keep your friends close,but your enemies closer.

Keep your friends close,but your enemies closer.

much appreciate it!


200 iq avoid tactic when dota plus isn’t enough

Avoid tactic when u dont have dota plus


How to use avoid teammate feature without dota plus subscription.

Gaben hates him

Outstanding move

I keep my enemies close and their corpses closer

That is so metal

I keep my enemies close and their corpses closer (sound warning: Clockwerk)

Bleep bloop, I am a robot.

Source |Suggestions/Issues |Maintainer |Author

You have a 5/9 chance to get him as an enemy and 4/9 as a teammate, so its actually a compliment!

He dont wanna take even a 1/9 chance of having slark on same team

He is probably closer to your geolocation so it is not.

Have like 30 adds and nicknamed to zavoid me so I know how to avoid haha. Zavoid because alphabetical

Giga Brain

your neck must put in some real work.

Reddit Anime Post: This is so sad, can we get Arcana votes? : DotA2

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r/DotA2 - This is so sad, can we get Arcana votes?

idk man SD hasn’t had many good sets period while Doom has no shortage of fucking awesome sets. Of course, SD does look to be getting some love from the TI10 collector’s cache sets, but even still it pales in comparison to what doom already has in game.

didn’t even realize sd had cosmetics

Doom TI5 collector Wings is best.

I think it’s sad that the cache vote had a set but aside from the cool head, it’s just boring.

The head is so good but it can’t carry the set by itself, especially seeing as how i won’t un-equip the gold immortal.

seeing how incredible doom’s sets have already been, an Arcana would be insane

Juggernaut says hi

Naked doom

wtf dont be dissin my shadow demon

The fact you don’t have him as his flair just goes to show you why he’ll be one of the last.

Comic done by @UndyingAshley ! Check out her work, it’s neat.

I want purified Doom mostly because the original Doom is already too badass looking. Something different this time maybe… or should I say a heavenly persona for Doom?

So… Mood?

Doom is supposed to be literally Lucifer.

How do you do a good Lucifer?

There’s also a supposed Heavenly themed Arcana Blades for Legion. But i think it was scraped.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen fanart on Deviantart of Doom as an angel before he fell. It was a really cool artwork, and in my opinion it would be a cool basis for a Doom persona.

Edit: Found it

There’s a fallen angel style set in the Collector’s Cache nominations that looks pretty schweet.

The persona or the arcana would be Doom when he was still a general from the realm behind the light

azazel persona perhaps? the fallen angel

Reddit Anime Post: [Research] Counter-Strike Global Offensive Players’ Reflexes in Word Recognition Skills (Approved) : truegaming

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We are conducting a Psychology study and wish to investigate if there is a link between being a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) player and cognitive performance on word recognition skills, as this game requires fast reflexes in order to perform better in it.

If you decide to take part, you will be required to answer a short survey and then perform a lexical decision task, this is a simple cognitive exercise where you see words on screen and have to quickly answer if they are a real English word or not. Before you enter the study, keep note that:

• This study should take you 5-10 minutes to complete and no longer than 15 minutes

• You must have a working keyboard computer (recommended to use a computer/laptop)

• You must have a stable internet connection

We are only recruiting regular CS GO players who play at least once per week

If you are interested in discussing the main research question after completing the study, please make sure not to do it in this thread, so it does not influence the results of future participants. You can send me a private message or make an email to the researchers instead.

After completing the study, you will have a chance to enter in a draw to win a 5€ Steam gift card.

Link to study:

This study has been ethically approved by Nottingham Trent University. If you have any personal questions or queries, you can email Dr. Jens Binder ( [email protected] ) or, myself, the research investigator Ruben, via email ( [email protected] ) or as a private message.

This thread has received approval by the moderation team.

Thank you for reading this!

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I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.


We have contacted the moderation team to receive approval to post this study beforehand. If you are still concerned about this being a ‘scam’ I can gladly elaborate on it.

Reddit Anime Post: Replaying Final Fantasy XII through its remaster really reinforced how its world design still feel like the best evolution of rewarding player exploration and “guided freedom” as far as Japanese RPG go : truegaming

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I’ve always enjoyed FFXII for what it did but replaying it several years later after I had some more JRPGs under my belt really cemented that it has the best example of “open” world design in a JRPG for me. I say “open” in quotes because it is not an open world, it’s more like a collection of hubs that are delimited in several areas.

The reason I like them over others are twofold:

It crafts a believable world without the abstraction of a 3D overworld like previous FF did, and without the vapid expansiveness of modern open world games. You do not go through half the world in a matter of seconds, but you don’t spend 2 hours doing it either. It strikes a perfect balance between having just enough abstraction to have a world that is believable and immersive without having the impression of walking from the west coast to the east coast.

This optimal size of the world has offered the possibility to offer more freedom rather than less. It might sound counter-intuitive, but the smaller size offered the possibility to offer a better variety of areas and especially a bigger sense of inter-connectivity.

I think a lot of people who played the game might agree with me that in their first playthrough, they might have stumbled into an exit they didn’t know where it would lead, only to realize that it led to a part of an area you’ve already visited before! And yet this connection between zone A and zone B make sense when you thought about it.

I think this sense of surprise of going back to previous places without your knowledge is an incredible tool of immersion, for several reasons:

It breaks the curse of linearity in its world design, meaning that you are making your own surprises as you go. There is a reason FFXII only shows a “???” when you are about to exit to a new area. They want you to discover, rather than doing the discovery for you.

There is a sense of respect to the smaller scale they’ve created that allowed them to build the world around this scale. Creating hubs composed of several exit points that lead to different areas contribute to the world being believable rather than not because it feels like it obeys rules of logic it sets up to itself.

So, why does it matter so much?

Linearity in a JRPG, as seen in Final Fantasy X, XIII, and to a slightly lesser extent FF7 Remake, is already unable to provide much of these points, for the simple reason that maps are created with one entry point and one exit point. The world only exists as you are being fed by the game designer. FFXII is in itself a linear experience if you think about it, because the core experience is the story, and its story has one path, but the world itself is not linear. You can decide to go on a huge trek and the game will most of the time allow you to go wherever you want.

The trek you want to make will be inherently immersive because despite the smaller scale, the sense of scale itself is not diminished. When the game tells you to go to the heartland of the Empire, the trek needed to get there takes several hours for the first time, and you get to understand that the Empire is indeed in a different region separate from yours rather than the joint next door in so many RPGs. However, if one were to just walk from the furthest point away from the capital to the capital itself, it would only take 20 minutes in a beeline at most. The sense of scale is fed into the content (5 new areas to traverse to get there!), and the content available in these areas (more optional areas! bosses! hunts! quests!), so getting there is an achievement. You’ve reached the capital of the enemy, and it was an actual journey.

In a real open world, this would not have been as satisfying despite the scale being much bigger. Mostly because the variety would be much lesser (FFXV has shown it), and the journey itself would be mostly unrewarding because the bigger freedom isn’t guided enough to make the player have an actual objective to pursue. The scale ends up delivered through walking, not through the amount of things to experience between this point A and point B. And in a linear game, you would not have the amount of control necessary to feel like this journey was your own and fed by the world design rather than the needs of the story.


What I’m trying to communicate is that the size of the world is not what constitute freedom in a way that is rewarding to the player in a RPG. Xenoblade is a bigger game than Final Fantasy XII, but the journey is still very linear. You do not get to experience more than what the story wants you to experience. It is to its benefit, because it manages to strike a balance between story and gameplay. You will always be rewarded with a steady stream of story segments whereas you can spend upwards of 15 hours not having seen a single cutscene of FFXII.

However, in terms of pure player exploration that is immersive, rewarding and deliver a sense of scale through sheer variety of areas that are linked together in ways that are fascinating yet logical and promote further exploration despite being relatively small, Final Fantasy XII has succeeded in ways that very few other JRPG did.

This is guided freedom, a kind of freedom that constantly give you an incentive to do more in ways that are more organic, rather than artificial. It is not quest markers (it doesn’t have them), nor dotted lines (it doesn’t have them either) that drives player exploration through incentive. It is simply the world of Ivalice itself being fascinating.

It is fascinating because FFXII drops you in a place with a history, which is why they invested a lot in its world-building. The script of Final Fantasy XII have been said to be 5 to 7 times more voluminous than its predecessors like FFX, much of it owing to NPC dialogues constantly evolving through the game. It even features an in-depth bestiary that teaches you more about enemies and subsequently the world as a result. All of that showcases that they delivered a sense of scale in ways that matter. It’s not just the areas that are linked together, it’s not even just the scale, it’s everything that the game has placed into its world, from NPCs, to enemies and even the architecture. I was even surprised that gambits are treated diegetically in the world of FFXII. NPCs are telling you they’re using it themselves to give orders to their squad.

No element of its world is left by itself, and it drove me to believe that it is a world that wasn’t made for me, the player, but me, the character, who is suddenly living in this world, and who has so much to learn. This guided freedom, then, applies not just in the way Ivalice is constructed but in the mindset the game promotes to push me to know more about something that exists by itself, not just because the player ran into it.

This is why FFXII is so brilliant in its world design for me. I wouldn’t say it is perfect. However, I believe there is a real reason that I always end up going back to it even almost against my will and being surprisingly immersed in it while other JRPGs always feel they either pushed it too far into linearity, or open-ness, without the level of commitment to create a world that compliment their world design. Warren Specter said he would rather design a world that is an inch wide but a mile deep, I think FFXII succeeded being in the middle. It is as wide as it is deep, and I am given the keys to discover it by myself.

Love this post and wish I could reply with such depth. I’ve recently played it again as well as XV and X. None of them blew me away in terms of perceived size like XII, even XV which is inherently massive. XII is so epic in scale. Traversing the sandsea for the first time and beyond was amazing. With all the added guided detours as you say, a 20 minute trip took literal hours and felt like such an expedition. Bless

If you can play Xenoblade Chronicles X, I think this might please you as well, it’s goes 2 step further if you ask me (unlocking movement option that totally change your exploration, as well as litteraly building the world as the narrative evolves)

This is a game I’ve always wanted to try. I might seek a copy and play it on an emulator if a switch port isn’t happening in the foreseeable future.

This is the game that made me think that I can love open world game but unfortunately, close to no game get even close to that way of designing a world.

When I tried XCX I ended up unleashed in a world to aimlessly wander for hours. I might just be too dumb for that game but I played for like 4 or 5 hours and I still had no idea where to go, what I was supposed to be doing, and I think I hadn’t even fully opened the combat system. I would get into fights thinking I was winning and then suddenly have my entire party one-shotted, and just had no earthly clue what to do. I tried spending some time in that first city to figure it out but it was pretty aimless as well and the soundtrack there made me want to jump out a window.

I guess I may try it again sometime, as I have played and loved many JRPGs in the past (in particular, FFXII is one of my favorite games, for many of the reasons OP stated), but something about that one just made it impossible for me to get into.

I wanted to love that game so much more than I did. Exploring the world was a lot of fun and the game had such gorgeous designs to it.

I got until you encounter the one small alien race like 8 hours in. Hearing their voices and realizing that they’re gonna be common, combined with barely being able to tolerate the Nopon, is what caused me to drop it.

But the world was still a blast and I liked creating my own outposts/fast travel points.

I love this game and I wish I had the time to replay it properly from start to finish.

This is a great analysis and I agree completely. It’s one of the things I love about the game – I loved that it was the first FF where you didn’t explore the entire world but a clearly definite (set of) region(s). I love Ivalice games in general so that added to the allure as well.

I was crazy about the idea of no transitions between overworld and battle mode at the time, as well as no transition between overworld and cities. It gives the game an unparalleled sense of scope. It also gives you an idea of how the world is structured and how going from A to B is not necessarily that simple. It’s the same kind of concept that Souls games have and that’s a big reason why their world design is so good. Other games before XII also tried this, like Vagrant Story (unsurprisingly another Matsuno game)

I wish I had the time to replay it properly from start to finish.

You do. The remake comes with a 4x speed option. If that’s not enough to get you through the game, I don’t know what will.

I couldn’t get hooked on the story, which is a shame. I replayed it last year and have already forgot the plot. I think it the multiple storylines/characters.

But the world was indeed massive. I think I remember the area designs and map layouts better than what actually happened. Also, the game allowed a semi-transparent overlay of the map while you played which really goes to the exploration aspect.

The shapes of the areas also is important. They were wide in shape. You had plenty of twists and turns, especially the the “dungeons”. The use of “long hallways” was one of the more disappointing aspects of FF7:Remake. But then again, that might be an intentional difference. Everything there was routed to be pretty streamlined to keep the storyline pacing.

Yessss I love FFXII map system. I find the downfall of open world maps is that we’re moving away from those random encounters and into a persistent one. In XV for example the enemies are well spaced out which means the world itself needs to be bigger and bigger but of course you’ll either hit tech limitations or simply having too much open air with little variations. I love how to get from Rabanastre to Archades I go through a desert, a mountain area, a forest, a coastland, a hilly zone and some creepy cave. There’s variations in terrain and mobs that never overstay their welcome.

I really hope Square draws from it on the VIIR sequel. It’s okay for Midgar to be so many hallways because it’s supposed to be this city, but once we go outside we need these wide open areas to stand in for the overworld we won’t be getting.

I agree with your points. I always felt that FFXII was such a vast game with a ton of exploration. The world is big enough that you that open world feel, but not so big that it feels like the developers were padding out the areas. I like FFXII’s approach of having “hub” regions as opposed to one huge map (Such as FF15). Each region has its own identity and purpose and it really adds to the immersion. I would add, though its not the point of the topic, that the game could of really used having the party members banter or talk amongst each other outside cut scenes. There are long sections (as you mentioned above) where no story is happening and that hinders the pacing a bit.

Just get rid of the stupid traps. Why should I always need an accessory that’s otherwise useless to avoid having my whole party silenced or nearly one-hit

IIRC Libra made them visible to the player, and it didn’t matter if you got the effect through accessory or through a regular cast (eg. triggered via gambit)

Levitas is your friend, friend.

FFXII is great at worldbuilding. I love when I was still so early in the game but you can wander off to an unknown, high-leveled area. IIRC when you’re supposed to be in Giza Plains, you can go to Dalmasca Westersand. It’s a dangeroud place for early players and also a good place to gain EXPs. After a while, I found a way down to Zertinan Caverns, a place not relevant to the main plot but it adds to the worldbuilding. It’s a far more dangerous place for early players and of course I got a game over by going there. I like this kind of “gate”, it doesn’t completely blocks you off and makes you think maybe you should explore this area later.

I also love the bestiary entries for each monsters, areas, and cultures.

Not much to add of my own, but having been burned with Square Enix PC ports multiple times, is this another one of their shit shows? I keep hearing good things about FF12, but at this time I wouldn’t even pay them a single € for their software.

It is one of their better ports for me. It has 60 fps support, ultrawide, no denuvo, and runs well on my machine. Nothing to complain about and neither PCGamesWiki. Only big flaw is that it lacks HDR if that is your thing

Reddit Anime Post: I have a rule to not shoot other people’s sky bases down, because I’m always sky basing… and always getting shot down. Doesn’t mean I won’t Hijack it tho ;) : FortNiteBR

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Respect. Skybases are the reason I have at least 50 of my wins

How do you win with one? What’s the strategy?

Oh Facts bro, OG, but underrated Meta

Damn people are still winning with skybases today. Respect.

Glad to hear you don’t get shot down ! They must be tons of fun.

Pretty lame bro

Dude was probably so surprised

they alway shoot me down 🙁

I always get shot down lol

I once tried to do a skybase, but ran out of materials and I had that confidence that I had enough and I dropped dead from 512m next to a pond.

People still do that?

that’s why u do it because people will never expect it now

I ran into my first skybaser today, I shot them down and then felt bad for it lol

i always shoot them down

they go plop

I thought someone was going to break u down while u were emoting

I shoot them down.they have chosen death.