Game News: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adds New Magical Skills Through SOS Training

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Accessible to all players over level 4 regardless of their chosen Profession, the upcoming SOS Training feature will give players access to new abilities, as well as providing buffs to existing ones.

The new abilities to be unlocked by SOS training are called Field Charms, referring to a set of spells that can be cast directly on the world map. These include the Trace Charm, which can be cast on an existing Trace to reveal more in the immediate area, the Inn Charm, which can be cast on Inns to generate extra spell energy, and the Greenhouse Charm, which causes Greenhouses to produce rare potion ingredients.

As well as the new Field Charms, the SOS skill trees will unlock buffs to existing abilities, such as the option to achieve mastery on your spell of choice. A buff called Departure Denial reduces the chance of Foundables fleeing during an encounter, while others are available to boost potion strength or shorten the time it takes to brew them.

Unlocking these skills will require one of three new collectibles–Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, or Defense Against the Dark Arts Books–which can be collected through the same gameplay mechanics already used to redeem rewards.

Niantic hasn’t announced what date SOS Training will launch, but have said to “stay tuned for more information this month.”

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Anime News Deca-Dence First Impressions – FunimationCon 2020

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Deca-Dence First Impressions – FunimationCon 2020

With so many conventions being wisely converted to digital experiences this year, it might seem easy to write off FunimationCon as just “another one” and the same could be said for NUT’s new anime Deca-Dence, which premiered at the virtual convention, but should these assumptions be questioned? Read on to get our first impressions of Deca-Dence and its inclusion in FunimationCon. Keep in mind that we’re just going off of the first episode, let’s get this mobile fortress rolling!

Style and Setting

Probably what stood out the most to us in Deca-Dence—at first, at least—is its interesting world which feels simultaneously familiar and unique. Although reminiscent of many other anime like Gurren Lagann, Attack on Titan, and Drifting Dragons, and some Western media like Mortal Engines, this new series still feels to be very much its own thing so far, particularly with the last teaser part of the episode that seems to hint at some other alien/creature culture running parallel to the main human cast.

The massive titular fortress of Deca-Dence as the last bastion of humanity is super cool, especially with its Macross-esque weapon transformation, while not neatly fitting into a stereotypical style like steampunk or dieselpunk which is a plus in our book! Likewise, the mysterious genetically-engineered soldiers and the Gadoll creatures humanity fights, eats, and keep as pets (well, Kaburagi at least) as well as the cool tech that lets fighters fly around in special fields in battle add further interest to Deca-Dence.

Characters and Story

Although only going off of the first episode, the core cast and character dynamics in Deca-Dence already show a lot of promise. Natsume might not be the most original character, with a genki attitude, tragic backstory, and desire to become a soldier like her father, but she is definitely an entertaining one and not just for her fun expressions. She definitely plays off of Kaburagi’s cold and serious personality well and we get the feeling that she’ll continue softening him up over time. Speaking of Kaburagi, he’s probably the most interesting character so far with a surprise show of amazing fighting skills against the Gadoll and some unknown connection to a secret organization that’s apparently having people killed! Is he also a cyborg? What’s the deal with his pet Gadoll?

In any case, Deca-Dence definitely has plenty of mysteries to reveal over time! Most of the supporting cast has also been solid so far, like Natsume’s friend Fei and silly flirt coworker Fennel and it seems like we’ll learn more about the commander Minato soon enough too so that’s something to look forward to as the story progresses.

Deca-Dence & the FunimationCon Experience

Speaking personally, FunimationCon honestly was able to approximate the convention experiences that I care about the most, screenings and Japanese industry panels, quite well and Deca-Dence is a good example of that since it was a video premiere, which obviously works just fine streaming online, supported by creator interviews and a live drawing segment which were equally nice with streaming, if not a bit more professional than they would have been at a normal convention. FunimationCon as a whole also balanced its attractions well with multiple things going on at once on different streams but not so much that it felt totally overwhelming like some other virtual conventions can be. The fact that not all of the convention was backed up and available to rewatch is a little disappointing but also an improvement over traditional conventions since some of it is still out there at least.

Altogether, although virtual conventions can probably never really deliver the same experience of an in-person one, FunimationCon was still a lot of fun, convenient, and free to boot plus the Deca-Dence extras made the first episode all the more exciting!

Final Thoughts

While it’s still a bit hard to say how Deca-Dence will end up just going off the first episode, it’s definitely a series with some solid potential that we’ll be keeping track of this season. What was your first impression of Deca-Dence? What about FunimationCon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to stick around Honey’s for more of all things awesome, anime and otherwise! Until next time, see ya~!


Author: OkiOkiPanic

Call me Oskar or OkiOkiPanic or other things depending on how whimsical you’re feeling. I’m an artist and game designer currently working in the indie scene. In true otaku fashion I’m also interested in anime/manga, collecting figures, building robot models, idols, denpa music, retro games and electronics, etc. Judging by the company I keep I figure it’s only a matter of time until I’m obsessed with wrestling and mahjong.

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Game News: Tenet Runtime Revealed, And Here’s How It Compares To Other Nolan Movies

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It’s 20 minutes shy of Nolan’s longest film, which is Interstellar (2 hours and 49 minutes). Nolan’s shortest movie, meanwhile, is his 1998 debut feature film, Following (1 hour and 9 minutes).

Tenet will be 1 minute longer than Inception (2 hours and 28 minutes) and 3 minutes shorter than Nolan’s Batman movie The Dark Knight (2 hours and 32 minutes). You can see a full rundown of the runtimes for Nolan’s 11 movies here at Collider.

Tenet was initially planned for release in theatres this Friday, July 17. Warner Bros. pushed the date to July 31, before shifting it again to its current date of August 12. That date might be optimistic, too, as COVID-19 cases in the US are still on the rise, with more than 100,000 new cases reported this week alone.

Tenet–which is written and directed by Nolan–stars Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Martin Donovan, Kenneth Branagh, and Elizabeth Debicki, in addition to Michael Caine who played Alfred in Nolan’s Batman movies.

The movie remains a mystery in terms of its plot and story. Pattinson recently said the movie is like the “greatest plate-spinning trick you’ve ever seen.”

Several of Nolan’s past movies–including Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige–streamed inside of Fortnite back in June. We watched Inception in Fortnite, and it was actually pretty cool.

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Anime News Wasuta Celebrates Summertime with New Music Video “Sunday! Sunshine!”

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Wasuta Celebrates Summertime with New Music Video “Sunday! Sunshine!”



➡️わーすた #wasuta #サンデーサンシャイン

— わーすたスタッフ (@tws_staff) July 14, 2020

What You Need to Know:

Source: Official Press Release

Release Date: 8/12/2020

Track List
1. Sunday! Sunshine!

2. Becho Becho Pancake? feat. Soko no kimi. a.k.a. Wota

3. Shiki Drops

Blu-ray Special Edition
1. Sunday! Sunshine! MV

Blu-ray Limited Edition
1. 5th Anniversary live concert “Wasuta 5 sai ni narimashita!”

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Game News: The Division 2 Update 10.1 Arrives Soon With Changes To Loot

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In the broadcast, members of the Massive Entertainment development team discussed what’s to come in Title Update 10.1. Along with addressing various bug fixes and balance adjustments, the upcoming patch will tweak the attributes and stats of loot drops. Loot will now have its minimum item power increased on higher difficulties, with slight bumps for Challenging and bigger bumps for Heroic and Legendary difficulty settings. This is in direct response to the item power change from last month’s Title Update 10 patch.

Additionally, Ubisoft is looking into how skills can be swapped when Title Update 10.1 drops. This change is for skills with long cooldowns that make switching between them a hassle. “The team’s main priority is to give players back the ability to switch their loadouts while a skill is on cooldown,” Ubisoft said. “The planned change will let players switch their loadouts while the skill on cooldown remains equipped.”

While Title Update 10.1 is slated to arrive later this month, Ubisoft confirmed that Title Update 11 is currently in the works. No release date has been announced, but the studio said more details will come soon. These could arrive during today’s Ubisoft Forward event, which is an E3 replacement presentation focused on Ubisoft’s upcoming projects. In the past, these presentations have also included information on live-service games.

Season 2 of The Division 2’s Warlords of New York expansion is still underway. The looter-shooter recently received a new Iron Horse raid that was reserved exclusively for Level 40 players. However, the eight-player raid is now available for non-expansion pass owners who are also Level 30. It should allow more players to continue experiencing the game together, particularly with it now being over a year old.

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Anime News Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro Kamado’s Birthday Is Today and It’s Gone Viral!

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Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro Kamado’s Birthday Is Today and It’s Gone Viral!


— 鬼滅の刃公式 (@kimetsu_off) July 14, 2020

What You Need to Know:

Source: @kimetsu_off

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Game News: This Outer Wilds/The Outer Worlds Logo Swap Confuses Matters

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Even their logos had some degree of similarity, though the Game Maker’s Toolkit’s Twitter account has just confused that issue even more with these mind-bendingly flipped logos.

The similarity between the two games was one of last year’s biggest gaming inside jokes, especially as both of them were critically acclaimed and well-recommended. Gaming sites like Polygon even published guides for distinguishing the two games. Outer Wilds narrative designer Kelsey Beachum confused matters even more this year by announcing that she was leaving the Outer Wilds studio for a job with The Outer Worlds’ Obsidian. The only way to truly overcome this issue is to play both of them, of course.

If you’re still confused, here’s a quick rundown: The Outer Worlds leans much more heavily on Fallout-style RPG elements, with a customizable main character exploring a colonized solar system and making friends and enemies along the way. The game’s style is more detailed and photorealistic. Outer Wilds, on the other hand explores a mysterious solar system stuck in a 22-minute time loop, with the gameplay focusing on exploration over combat, and boasting a more stylized visual signature. If you’re a fan of exploration and discovery, go with Outer Wilds. If you love immersive sims and Obsidian’s world-building, go with The Outer Worlds.

Both of them are worth playing, however–you can get The Outer Worlds on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, while Outer Wilds is on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Anime News Kakushigoto Review – The Sketch is Always Better than the Ink

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Kakushigoto Review – The Sketch is Always Better than the Ink

About Kakushigoto

A uniform is interesting in that it’s attire that people wear in order to tell them apart from everyone else, but from within that kind of community, a uniform is what you wear so that no one is different. That being said, there is a special type of uniform; one that relies on the fact that people wearing it can be told apart from other people in uniform; one that exists to hide as much as it exists to highlight. That uniform is called “the disguise”.

Normally donned by superheroes, the disguise just so happens to be the workplace attire of a father trying to protect his daughter from the dangers of his work. This time; however, it isn’t a visceral danger that Goto Kakushi is trying to protect his daughter Hime from, it’s the embarrassment of having a dirty gag-comedy mangaka for a father! Kakushigoto layers upon the concept of disguise by having protagonist Goto Kakushi interact with a store clerk named Mario, who knows all about his secret. Mario calls Kakushi “Clark Kent”, drawing an interesting parallel between Kakushi and the aforementioned superheroes.

Contains Spoilers

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1. Secrecy

Secrecy is the series’ main theme and even governs how the series presents itself. Kakushigoto’s most interesting element is how it packages the hilarious day-to-day escapades of Goto Kakushi as he attempts to hide his secret from his daughter. The first episode shows Hime on her 18th birthday, travelling to an unknown destination she dubs “Pandora’s Box”. Our perspective is split between Hime as an 18-year-old and Hime as a 10-year-old as the story attempts to recount how we got to the point of Hime finding out her father’s most closely guarded secret. The Pandora’s Box allegory changes the overall feel of the series from just a funny gag-anime to something hilarious, heartfelt, and also bearing a cogent thematic narrative.

2. The Pandora Allegory

The Pandora allegory is thematically very important because in this case, understanding the Pandora subtext is one of the ways in which we gain insight into the layered nature of Kakushigoto the show, as well as Hime’s relationship with and perception of her father. “Pandora” gives the implication of a dramatic, even tragic story surrounding the big reveal and thus, gives Kakushigoto a bit of an enigmatic edge behind all the comedy. Each Kakushigoto episode is hence structured in a way that gives priority to the events of Hime’s childhood leading up to the present day, often tucking snippets of the current Hime dealing with the secrets that lay unraveling before her.

3. Parenthood

Kakushigoto maintains a light and comedic feel throughout, with ridiculous interactions between characters, as well as heartwarming comedy between Hime and Kakushi at home. Parent-child relationships are also central to Kakushigoto’s story because of Kakushi’s relationship with Hime, as well as the convoluted off-screen relationship Kakushi has with his father-in-law. We see how young Hime doesn’t seem to ask too many questions and this brings up interesting things about her character. This is important to note, because Kakushigoto as a premise just doesn’t happen the way it does in the series without a child as unassuming, unbothered and content as Hime is throughout the show.

4. The Changing Tides of Time

Hime’s role as the child and the alternate perspective as well as the overall main perspective of this show gives her an interesting positionality as a protagonist in this somewhat sombre, expository walk down memory lane. To that effect, the colour scheme changes slightly when alternating between the current time, with the Kamakura house’s blue roof being the colour for Hime’s 18th birthday; and the Nakameguro house’s orange roof for Hime’s childhood as a 10-year-old. This can also be seen in the final still of the opening theme song which juxtaposes older Hime enveloped in a blue background with Kakushi in orange. With this contrast in timelines, the story manages to feed us two coherent, cogent storylines, although the time from Hime’s childhood is given priority and more time on screen.

Honey’s Anime Verdict

On one hand, Kakushigoto is a heartfelt comedy about a doting father, on the other hand, it’s a tragic story about a manga artist trying to be a good dad as his life falls apart. Then it ties together an anachronistic narrative in which we are taken on the journey of piecing together the truth, as well as getting true insight into what the characters’ lives are truly like in the present day.

Kakushi’s amnesia in the final episode was cliché, but the show makes fun of itself for that through his now-former editor, Tomaruin, which recovers the show’s standing a little bit, but it still leaves one yearning for a more interesting plot device to be used especially in the final episode of the series. Be that as it may, the journey of revealing the full context of this particular family’s home life is a beautiful one, with many wholesome moments but also many gut-busting comedic moments that contrast beautifully with the sullenness of Hime’s 18th birthday.

As much as we loved the series, the ending left a few things to be desired. Many elements that were at play in the series ending came more like abrupt exposition rather than the tying of loose ends and this can be attributed to how the series held out on answering many of its major questions for much of its duration until the last episode or two. Overall; however, Kakushigoto comes highly recommended. The story is layered enough to be appealing to many people while also being a calm and light watch for people who enjoy slice of life shows. The way the show ends is also fulfilling in that it ties all the loose ends and feels like a story that was very beautifully crafted. From visuals to the experience itself, Kakushigoto is great, every slice of life fan should watch it!


Author: Hoshi-kun

I’m South African, harbouring an obsession for anything remotely related to Japan, mostly anime, of course. I draw sometimes. Some people call me Naledi, it’s my real name, or something like that. People think I’m stoic because I don’t smile often (I do sometimes). I like languages. Hoshi-kun and Naledi are the same side of the same coin.

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Game News: Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Will Add “Significant” End-Game Content

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Where the door leads and how it’s connected to the end-game content is unknown, but Barone said he has hit some good milestones on the update, but no release window has been given. Like previous updates, the new content will be free for all players. Update 1.5 might also include bananas, which will be added as a new growable fruit after winning a Twitter poll.

Barone has previously said he is working on other projects, but doesn’t want anyone getting too excited just yet. The Stardew developer said that he wants to explore projects that allow him to be creative and isn’t trying to make the next indie smash hit. Stardew Valley has sold over 10 million copies as of January, 2020.

GameSpot has officially kicked off Play For All–a celebration of all things gaming. Join us as we bring you the summer’s hottest news, previews, interviews, features, and videos, as well as raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts and Black Lives Matter with the help of our friends from around the gaming world. Check out the Play For All schedule for more.