Reddit Anime Post: Hylics 2 is one of the most visually unique games (and trippiest) you’ll ever see for a turn base RPG : JRPG

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Is it just me or does the vibe of the surrealism depress the hell out of you?

With regards to this game in particular, a little yes. I think it’s because a lot of what’s shown looks nightmarish. That being said I think the visuals are pretty impressive.

Haha for me it actually hurts my eyes and gives me a bit of a headache.

edit: this isn’t a negative thing btw, I played through all of Hylics on steam. Just something that happens to me

I can’t say I get that vibe personally. Though surrealism is by its very nature so odd that I think it’s fair to feel any number of things from it lol

I think it’s somewhat intentional. There’s an aggressive lack of familiarity, everything is off-putting, chaotic and unpredictable.

Depress, disturb, and terrorize.

I can appreciate the artistic value but it make me feel dead inside… I really hate surealism…

I feel this on ma. As a kid I used to have to take breaks playing kirby & the amazing mirror bc something about the empty world hub and the music just bummed me out.

Not depressing so much as disturbing…I love it.

So this was a low key game that was just released on Steam June 22. I think it’s at least something worth checking out just to see the most trippiest art style you’ll likely see for a turn based game

All in all, more indie RPGs like this with great visuals are a welcome development for the genre

Here’s the link just in case:

The original is one of my favorite indie RPGs. I had no idea there was a sequel in development, let alone one that’s out right now! I am definitely going to pick this up

90s MTV Commercial: The Game

I still need to play and beat the first one but I own it. I got it because of how beautiful and unique the game looked. Kind of reminded me of OFF a bit. But I do need to pick up the new game just so I have both.


Fantastic planet the game

I would kill for an overtly Fantastic Planet inspired RPG. I can see it in Hylics, but it’s a different vibe, really. The closest I can think of is Morrowind, but I’d say that’s more Nausicaa and Moebius inspired.

That was a trippy movie, I can see it

I don’t know if this game has it too, but I remember the majority of the dialogue/text of the first game being made with a random text generator/scrambler to intentionally make the writing nonsensical and giving it an even more dream-like feeling.

Sounds fascinating and awful

Reminded me of Lynch’s Rabbits

Reddit Anime Post: Is the 3DS worth it in 2020? : JRPG

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So im a jrpg fan and i have a pc and can emulate 3ds games but the decrease in quality due to the larger screen is annoying, so im gonna ask a few questions and i hope you can answer them for me.

1- is the 3ds worth it 2020?

2- are the games in the 3ds that good?

3- if yes, there is to many DS models which one to pick for jrpgs?

4- is the 3ds still being supported by nintendo?

5- is getting a switch better than a 3DS with the fact that i have a pc?

I know that these are alot of questions but im really confused and want to know better thanks.

Edit : while searching the internet i found a device called 2ds xl are they the same? , can i play the same 3ds games on the 2ds?.

Edit 2 : After doing some research i concluded that i want to buy the device but unfortunately I cant find it in electronic shops websites in my country thanks for the advice yall.

3ds is still worth it, and a 3ds can run every ds game, so pick one and buy it if you want one

3DS is definitely worth it since it’s easy to hack.

The main reason I did this is so I could play english patched JRPGs, but it also gives me the ability to emulate other consoles. Highly recommend it.

What translation patches do you recommend?

I’ve played the DQM: Terry’s Wonderland patch, but for some reason RHDN doesn’t seem to have translation patches for 3DS? so they’re impossible to find.

I have a 3DS XL, is the guide compatible with that?

Are you sure I can buy a new console and hack iT ? Your website say that you need to have a specific firmwire…

The 3DS main problem is that games have barely fallen in price still.

This is mostly the case for Nintendo licensed releases, most third party releases are around $20 now

I sold all ~25 or so of my 3DS games and ended up roughly breaking even with my purchase price. It is crazy.

cough hack it cough

They do have sales from time to time – all the Atlus games were on sale like 2 weeks ago, snagged EO IV for $10

Yeah the 3ds is totally worth it if you never had it before. And since you are ok with emulating it, you can hack it all 3ds model are hackable easily. With that you will have all 3ds, Nds, Gba, Snes, Nes game available handheld so it definitly worth it. Games like radiant history, Megami tensei Devil survivor, Fire emblem, Bravely default, Dragon quest, Mario rpg are definitly worth playing. This console as so much to offer ( even more if you never owned the standard ds). If you never played Xenoblade Chronicles pick a new 3ds or new 2ds ( its the same thing only 2ds does not have the 3d option if the price difference isnt a problem for you pick a new 3ds XL). If you played the game you can go with standard 3ds XL

You can play all 3DS and DS games with the 2DS XL. Highly recommend it! Plenty of JRPGs abound! The games are also fairly cheap to pick up also and eshop sales are still happening on the 3DS

and you get a brandnew (new) 2DS XL for 99 bucks. its the best time to buy one

Gotta post against the 2DS XL. I picked one up because the internet is basically unanimous about how great they are but the battery life is really bad. If battery life is important to you, reader, get the other version.

I’ve always loved my vita for jrpgs. Recently got into 3ds, and it’s flatout incredible for any fan of jrpgs. Recently went through DQ VII, bravely default, pokemon soul silver, Fire emblem awakening and SMT IV…and there’re so so many more. Not really much to think about other than which one to buy mate

The 3DS has one of the best back catalogues of any console, especially for JRPGs. It’s well worth it. It’s still supported and has way more games than the Switch, especially when you factor in DS games, which it can also run. The console is cheaper and the games are a lot cheaper as well. Overall it’s well worth it, it has some of the best JRPGs of all time available on it, a massive back catalogue of great games, and the console and games are very affordable nowadays.

Reddit Anime Post: /r/JRPG Weekly Free Talk and Quick Questions Thread – June 28, 2020 : JRPG

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There are two purposes to this r/JRPG weekly thread:

a way for users to freely chat on any and all JRPG-related topics.

users are also free to post any JRPG-related questions here. This gives them a chance to seek answers, especially if their questions do not merit a full thread by themselves.

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Making a list of WRPGs on PSP – Is Dragon Buster a WRPG or a JRPG?:

i’m trying to get into gaming mainly idk how to describe it but slice-of-life, romance, nonviolent rpgs… does anyone have any recommendations?

Anyone feel like they’re losing their love for JRPGs? I’ve tried to start a few ones in the past month but either they haven’t clicked or the idea of having 40+ hours ahead of me turns me off. I’ve been playing genres with shorter games instead.

Maybe I am getting old? 😳

I think as you get older you just smart aware of how much time things take. I am moving, just got a new job, and I’m playing persona five royale. Yeah, I’m probably not gonna finish the summer and it would’ve been nice but that’s the reality. As I get older I can’t get to them as fast. It actually spurs might need to buy physical copies, so that way when I have time I can play all the games I wanted to play.

Oh my god, Xenosaga with an emulator’s 2x speed option literally changes the game from a 4/10 to a 8/10 or higher. I think it was unfinished so they intentionally slowed every animation down to pad the gametime up to 40 hours, but you aren’t able to notice how much it wastes your time until you speed it up. It has even fewer consequences in the overworld because there’s no bgm.

It’s amazing to me just how shafted the Xeno games were until Nintendo came along to support them. Same incredible plots hampered by bad decisions.

I just finished the Bevelle Cloister Trials in Final Fantasy 10 and it is the most frustrating experience I’ve had in the game so far. The past cloister trials were ok, but this one in particular was the most tedious out of them.

Yeah, some of the FFX trials were pretty poorly designed IMO. They weren’t fun puzzles, oftentimes it was just tedious, like one where I had to recall mashing as you auto moved to a certain point since you needed to time the button press at the right time IIRC.

Been trying to get into Trails in the Sky and for some reason I just can’t. I remember playing this game when it first came out and loving it. I had almost completed it back then and at around 50 hours or so I was close but never completed it. I’m getting into the series now and working my way upto cold steel, but for some reason I’m bored to death with playing this game and I don’t know why. It’s a series I do want to get into, but I’m forcing myself to play the first game and it’s just not fun. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong.

I have just finished SC and FC, I enjoyed the main story, but that was the only reason I finished them.

Combat is very slow even with turbo, enemies have huge HP and all hit like trucks.

The orbment system is just a drag by the end of each game.

Massive number of sidequests that have vaguely interesting stories in themselves but take a long time and are totally disconnected from the main story, for me this is actually worse in SC.

I am taking a break from 100h of straight up reading and playing Final Fantasy V and I will follow this up with Chrono Trigger, I need some story-lite games with fast paced combat, say what you will about ATB FF 5, 6 + 7 have fast paced battles! After this I am going to decide if continuing the, generally really good, main story is worth slogging through the combat of 3rd and the crossbell games.

Right there with you. the series is hit or miss.

Theres no sense of exploration or discovery with tits because the game puts you on rails the whole way. It’s only slightly less of a hallway simulator than FFXIII.

The gameplay hasn’t aged well, and if you don’t have speed up on combat enabled, it gets stale fast.

The game is almost entirely reliant on you falling in love with its characters. A lot of people in this community seemingly self-identify with Joshua, and if you don’t see anything in him then the strength of the narrative of Estelle and Joshua’s relationship falls off a cliff.

Just wanted to throw out there that I finished Trails of Cold Steel 3 and loved it. Cliffhanger totally sucks, though. If I had finished before we knew 4 was coming west I’d have just watched the translated playthrough on YouTube.

I always try to have another JRPG going and decided to try Suikoden 2 since it’s one the classics I never had the chance to try when I was younger.

The dialogue in the beginning seemed kind of stilted but things started picking up right before you wait for Jowy in front of the gate of Musse. I have to say that scene is amazing. Something about Pilika, the MC, and Nanami waiting in front of the gates with the sunset and that music playing really got to me. I’m hoping it stays at this quality because if it does I know what series I’m going to dive into next now that I’m waiting for Cold Steel to finish up in the West.

I just finished Suikoden 2 and I have to agree with that scene being one of the best and the tipping point for a grand adventure. I will say that it drags a little in the middle, but has some of the best stroy beats in any Jrpg. I definitely recommend sticking it out to the end.

I’m not exactly fond of real-time based combat JRPGs, but I’m loving Tales of Berseria so far because of the story and characters. I’m over 9 hours in, currently at Port Zekson, doing Loafer’s games because I just love doing side content in every JRPG I play.

While I’m at combat, there’s always something that’s been bothering me—it’s that, I want to play this game right, and not just mashing buttons. I wanna do cool combos and stuff, but I can’t seem to pull them off no matter what I do. I want to use everyone because I like everyone, but I’m so dumb at real-time based combats. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of artes I can use in this game because there’s so much…

Does anyone know a guide on how to use every character in this game? Any tips on doing combos?

Are you exploiting enemy weaknesses? If you hit all the weaknesses in a single combo you can trigger those sweet chain combos. It’s definitely a complex game, and it can get overwhelming, but it gradually gets easier to grasp as time goes on, and you get certain upgrades in the form of Ventites/Glacites, etc. that helps everything to flow better. The longer you play the easier it will be to chain combos because you will have more souls to play with.

My best advice would be to assign artes to buttons associated with their animation direction, and if possible, assign abilities that can stun to the first button in the combo. For example, I put Velvet’s Gouging Spin on the first Y(triangle) input, because it has a chance to stun and it makes her roll forward (Y is the forward-most button). This is mostly useful to help remember what buttons do what, as it’s easier to associate artes to memory if they match the direction you are pressing (especially if you are swapping between characters constantly). As for the stun, it’s just a nice benefit because the following hits will deal extra damage, and it’s useful for immediate crowd control.

Another thing is to make sure you have enough souls to continue a combo, and if your attacks are being blocked, stop attacking because your souls drain rapidly when that happens.

There’s some more tips here if you’d like some more info. Feel free to message me too if you want, I don’t mind.

I really want to get into another rpg but the only ones I’ve ever got into are Pokemon and Dragon quest. Does anyone know if any other ones that are like those games. Thank you

What kind of things did you like from those games? Dragon Quest is about as formulaic as JRPGs get. Are you looking for good characters? Story? Anything specific?

Today is my birthday, and I am looking to pick up a JRPG on the Switch for myself.

What are some of your favorite JRPGs for the system?

Open to anything, as long as it doesn’t feature half naked thousand year old dragon lolis or something like that.

Xenoblade DE

Tales of Vesperia DE

Dragon Quest XI

Would be my picks in that order

Dragon Quest XI is a great one. Best DQ in the series.

Tales of Vesperia could be a good option for you. Otherwise Fire Emblem 3 houses if you don’t already have it.

Happy birthday! I like Octopath Traveler a lot. It’s my favorite game, and I’ve replayed it about eight times.

The music’s great, and the battle system’s pretty additive/satisfying when you break an enemy by hitting its weaknesses.

There’s a demo if you want to try it.

Reddit Anime Post: ReZero Arrives in Priconne on the 30th…for the KR server : gachagaming

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r/gachagaming - ReZero Arrives in Priconne on the 30th...for the KR server

Why is Rem and Ram pointing at Emilia’s boobs

Showing off the goods

Pointing that “I LOVE EMILIA”

Let’s hope JP gets a rerun as well… although I never saw any of those units get used in my 1 year of playing the game…

We need a global Re:Zero collaboration anyone please :'(

SinoAlice may have one at some point in the future since jp version had it a while ago.

You can check the characters here:

Global when pls 😔

If they haven’t announced it after the anime ended, then we definitely are never getting it.

IIRC cygames said there open to a global version if there was a willing publisher but that was like a year ago so our only hope at this point is that crunchroll decides to publish it since they stream the anime, but the anime is not doing that well on crunchyroll so odds of that happening may not be the best.

I remember when this came to JP. Oh hot damn was I surprised.

Reddit Anime Post: “You don’t need to spend money to finish all the story content” : gachagaming

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When someone is praising a gacha game a statement similar to this is always made, I hear it so much that it got me wondering why. What are/were the games that the players needed to spend money to beat the PVE content? I think this should have been a common practice, as nowadays every game publisher/community members go out of their way to let this very clear.

Danmachi: Memoria Freeze. When JP launched you could not beat the highest difficulty of PvE events without either whaling or being extremely lucky.

Hell it’s still not very well balanced. It’s better but man that game can be terrible about what units are ‘good’ for stuff and which just become a painful slog.

Do things like this count? I guess if they didn’t fix it before the events ended then it’s a good example.

Agreed I hear this a lot when someone talk about f2p friendliness of a game and just get answers of “you can clear all story with just 3*” well yeah but that’s not the only thing I’m here for, I’m here for waifus and husbandos tell me how hard it’s going to be get premium currency and new heroes

In most games you can clear story in a few days, and in many you can even clear all story in just a day, clearing story content doesn’t mean anything how f2p a game is

Story stages in most gacha games are so easy anyway (yes even games like AK) so i dont understand at all why is this point even used to defend low gem income/bad rates/shard system/dupe needed gachas

The better way is “you don’t need to spend money/having bunch of certain meta chars to get almost all the rewards from (insert hardest pve event of said game)”

It is a common practice. It’s just a shitty excuse for games with low rate / stingy with pulls like FGO

Yeah, if you’re going in a game with a gacha feature, i would assume most of the people don’t give a shit if they can beat all the pve content without the highest rarity available, we all want that dopamine of pulling a high rarity card from time to time to keep going happy with the game.

so what do you want in FGO beside clearing the story? there is no pvp or guild wars event.

Most of the super efficient run only save like 1 min per run and they are stuck doing nothing while event was still going on

What a coincidence, I actually thought of making the same thread and wanted to ask for concrete examples of actual games that gave you a fucking hard time if you don’t have a certain unit. I think this might’ve been spurred by all the stuff I heard here lately.

CMIIW, but didn’t Advent Dungeons for Knight’s Chronicle worked like this? I am sure at least that if you had the character needed for the dungeon it was a fucking breeze to do. If you didn’t have it it was insane and bordered on impossible. I honestly hate those kind of mechanics.

I’m not sure about that since I don’t beat the hardest one. I think it’s pretty much clearable with character that is easy to obtain. But still the grind is very tedious. Can I at least get one copy when I clear it for the first time?

Anyway how is the game now?

PvE or Story content?

Back when I played FFBE, I think it was fair to say you either needed to be a: day 1 player F2P that puts lots of effort in team building or a whale to beat the highest challenge PvE as soon as it launched many times simply due to the gear requirements.

The key to why I never found much of a problem was that this PvE content wasnt timed. The game has these “extra challenge” bosses and so on for unique gear drops which if you cant win as soon as they are released, with the power creep, you can certainly beat down the line.

Events and other timed PvE F2Ps didnt have that much of an issue to beat.

I usually use that line when I talk to people without any experience with gacha games. Because some people actually think you can only play all those games if you throw in unlimited amounts of money, which is just wrong.

It simply means you can clear pve with normal units.

It’s said because PvP exists and is always a whale shit hole. But people will bring it up to ‘prove’ games aren’t friendly to non-spenders.

So a distinction is made.

That being said exos heroes is aggressively unkind at high dragon raids and such unless you lucked into or bought some fatecore units and such.

To be different from the other comments, I believe in the old days when gacha games were still relatively new it was pretty much impossible to clear some of the relevant PvE content without any meta gacha unit, or at least in my experience with BGHS it was not.

FGO is definitely not the first gacha to make PvE clearable without any specific gacha unit but it’s one of the most well known. Since its JP release in 2015 and coming out of its “caveman phase” it became pretty much a requirement for newer gacha releases to make PvE clearable with only free units.

However, story mode and events were made to be so easy even “flithy casuals” can clear them and hardcore players with deep rosters and multiple meta gacha units don’t feel like PvE is challenging enough.

Now, some games like GFL have normal and EX modes starting with its Isomer event due to the low clear rates of the previous Continuum Turbulence event. That way both casuals and hardcores will be satisfied. Normal mode can be cleared even by casuals with fresh accounts while EX mode should give some challenge even for players with all the meta units at their disposal.

TL;DR: I believe in the old days it was impossible to clear PvE without specific gacha units, but nowadays it’s pretty much required otherwise. Things got so much easier now that casuals can clear relevant PvE in most gachas with fresh accounts, and challenge modes have to be added for the satisfaction of hardcore players with multiple meta gacha units.

KhuX makes it hard to clear any events without events units xD

Another example of a game where you could not beat all PvE content without either whaling or being extremely lucky:

Sword Art Online: Rising steel.

It introduced “Very Hard Cathedral” event close to launch which you back then could not beat unless you whaled or were very lucky with pulls.

i love the anime series, but I just cannot keep it up the speed of all new banners. dropped game eventually.

This is actually what frustrates me the moast with games from wfs. I look forward for them to add challenging pve missions as long as they are permanently added to the games, but if they are time-limited events I absolutely hate it as long as they don’t add a lower difficulty level that lets me get all the different rewards (at a smaller amount of course). This ultimately let me leave Danmachi Memoria Freese when they added time limited stages around new years that where only clearable with whaling on literally every banner that released the past 6 months. Luckely they learned their lesson in SAO Rising Steel as now all very hard cathedral stages will stay permanently in the game with only the lesser difficulties rotating.

That’s an event, not story content.

Reddit Anime Post: Was thinking of playing Vanguard Zero and saw this meme on their page. Is it true? : gachagaming

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r/gachagaming - Was thinking of playing Vanguard Zero and saw this meme on their page. Is it true?

It applies to the actual card game too lmao.

There’s skill, but the luck factor goes a bit further than what your starting hand is.

You just don’t believe in the heart of your cards.

Yes and no, the early game VG also was awful because the same exact reason but its much better nowdays, Zero in other hand…

This meme works for pretty much every gacha game in the world lmao.

Actually, this meme isn’t about the gacha but about the combat instead.

Being a f2p friendly cardgame with farmable cards one assume you can use your head and build a strategic deck to win right? WRONG.

Nearly all the battles are decided by semi-ramdomic gameplay elements which basically is a big “fuck you” to anyone who is trying to win fair and square

This would only be accurate if every gacha had two layers. Gettings the characters through rng AND then as the combat occurs the characters selected for battle are determined by RNG and you cannot cheat by only allowing it to select the ssr one. let’s do this for summoner war. normal gacha to make deck, but have to fill it out with 30 units and only allowed 3 ssr/nat 5* rng selects which spawn for you. player who gets first ssr will have large advantage over other depending on how op ssr are in that version of game. also no mechanics to guarantee that player two even be able to get any ssr thru out combat.

obviously this is not the case for all card games, but it does seem to be a trend among p2w ones or they have periods whereby the balances off.

Game is a 39 card deck, out of that 4 cards are Perfect Guard (when you would take lethal damage, or crit damage up to lethal -1, it blocks) , 13 cards are triggers (when your main card attacks, you flip top 1 or 2 cards from top of deck, if it’s a trigger you get bonus and the card is discarded, else it goes to bottom of deck)

out of the 13 triggers you have 4 heals and 9 can be anything else (crit(+1 damage) or draw(1 card) are the usual ones)

No matter how good your gameplay, you run the risk of drawing all your Heal triggers into hand, and your opponent might be lucky and just check 4 Heals when you hit into them, and somehow he manages to draw all 4 PGs and that’s 8+ damage nullified.

There’s still some skill involved but every once in awhile either you or the opponent gets lucky.

Only played it for a short time, but due to the oversimplification of the game’s mechanics and skills it did feel that way.

With the removal of drive check adding cards to your hand you had no choice but to run draw triggers to get enough fuel to last attacks and defense. That meant getting those draws are vital for perfect guards, grade 2s and essentially anything if you didn’t want to auto lose after a bad hand.

Even the og suffered from this still, but at least it wasn’t as awful as vanguard zero. The trigger mechanic can still be very swingy, it’s just the nature of it. But at least you weren’t restricted to mostly draws.

why I avoid many card games. not only does rng determine results it can also block dynamic play. Also large portions of some communities love the rng.

Hi, i tried the game at launch and it took me some time to understand the trigger mechanics. It is super rng- the best way to clear hardest pve stages is to equip max crit triggers and rerun the stage on auto until u get lucky with triggers and beat it ( it doesnt matter what cards u have). Now imagine pvp where u could be beaten by some useless deck who just gets all the right triggerd every single turn ..

I really wonder why is it though?

I mean, isn’t every card game are supposed to be like that?

Some more than others. Kinda like Uno and Blackjack.

You may want to check out Zenonzard if you haven’t already. It’s similar to VG Zero in that it’s a card game in a gacha-esque setup. The gameplay itself is less RNG influenced and sort of like a more complicated Hearthstone. There’s PvE grinding for resources like VG Zero, but you acquire cards through set packs more like a traditional card game rather than pulling from banners.

Luck seeing you can damn near beat anybody with basic cards

Everyone just has anime protag superiority complex

Do they build the deck like in the anime?

It’s not hard to get optimal decks in vg zero as f2p. Especially with single clan rate up. I build all 3 meta decks from this set and all I’m missing is 1 RRR that I will craft in a few weeks and isn’t that necessary since 3 of works fine. And I’m completely f2p. That’s why people say its not p2w. Because once you have the full deck money doesn’t matter and it’s not hard getting to that point if you use your resources smartly.

Lol, not really. The thing with vg is, the way it works at each attack you check the top card of your deck. At every dmg aswell. 13 cards in your deck are triggers with effects once they are checked. So if you keep checking triggers and your enemy doesn’t sure you have an edge. But non-trigger cards checked on attack go to the bottom of the deck thus increasing your chances to find triggers.

It does feel bad tho, when you give your opponent their 6th dmg and they check a heal. Especially when they do it multiple times. Or when they run a wacky 9 crit build and just randomly double crit you for 3 dmg when you have no perfect guard in hand. But luck is a part in any card game tbh. That’s just a meme.

No 6th heal trigger is not a meme in MLB thanks to Gancelot. Its how they consistently win against Tsukuyomi and Shadow Paladin, while stealing wins from their “bad” matchup, Kagero.

Reddit Anime Post: Ten. Thousand. Euros. Wasted away. : summonerswar

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So sorry to bring up this topic, but I felt like I needed to get it off my chest.

I made my first purchase on SW on October 28th, 2015. A 3 euros-worth pack of crystals

I made the last one on December 27th, 2019. A 33 euros L&D pack

Between these two dates, I made about ~440 purchases, for a grand total of 10.015 euros and 40 cents. I spent the last 10 minutes typing onto my calculator like a lunatic to find out about this amount.

The only things I spent that much money on, in my entire life (I’m 27) are food/alcohol/rent.

My entire Steam library amounts for ~1600 euros.

Why would I share this information ?

Because I cannot stress enough how important money management is, especially when you’re young.

Looking back at this number, all I fell is disgust toward myself. Disgust because I spent so much money on a game I’ll never play again.

I spent:

– 10k euros

– ~3 years of my life

Failed my 4th uni year because I was busy trying to reach G1 and grind god-roll runes

So please. PLEASE. Before spending any money on this game, just remember: Don’t.

There’s little to no difference between 26 years old me, spending 33 euros to get 10 empty mystical scrolls, and your local homeless beggar, spending his daily pennies on a scratch-card lottery game‬, only to realize than he wasted 2 euros for nothing.

SW is, as a f2p game, a great lesson of life, because it teaches you about patience, effort, and commitment.

But as soon as you start injecting money in it, it is but an endless cycle of endorphin-fueled lightning-generating mystical scrolls. You remove the godly pleasure of deserving whatever it is you get, a great rune, a rare monster. You just wasted some real money on something you could have obtained by spending a little time, or having a little luck. And sure, time is money, but time spent on a mobile game should NOT be worth a single penny.

Oh, and the most important lesson in it all: Why did I stop playing on that faithful night, January 2nd ?

Because on that night, I pulled Zeratu, the one monster I craved, out of daily wish. Not on another 33 euros L&D pack, not on a holiday-special 110 euros pack. I got it out of something everyone, even a level 1 player, can access, for free.

Thanks for reading this, sorry for the long, depressing message.

TL;DR: Don’t spend money on gacha games. They are rigged.



Before I started working as a professional illustrator, I spent well around $15k of my income over 5 years on art supplies. I didn’t make money from my art, but I enjoyed creating.

I’m also a musician, but I’ve never made a single dime from the music I play. I’ve spent a few thousand on instruments, and each instrument I play brings me great joy.

Between art and music I’ve spent countless hours by myself creating. I’m sure I missed out on plenty of other life experiences because of it, but I enjoyed it, and I still do it because I enjoy it.

Invest your time and money on things you enjoy doing. People shouldn’t play this game because they want to have better things than the next person. That’s a toxic mindset in general and leads to problems. It sounds like you were addicted to this game and I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone investing money into this game if it’s something they actually enjoy, however. Expecting premium monsters simply from spending money is a poor expectation, too. Spending money won’t grant you better pulls, it simply gives you more resources.

You can spend money on a game if it doesn’t hurt your pocket or destroy your life.

This is the more appropriate mind set. I spent hundreds on magic the gathering cards and world of warcraft (just monthly subscriptions). I don’t play either anymore, but some of my best memories are playing those with my friends.

A hobby like this isn’t meant to be an investment. Everyone should have budgets for their finances and entertainment should be part of that budget. It will be low priority under things like rent and retirement investment, but entertainment is to be spent on whatever you want.

I will argue the things you get in games like these are really horribly inefficient for your dollar in terms of what you get compared to other entertainment options. You can spend $50 just to play more and have a slightly increase chance of getting good in game things. Or you can buy a full game for that price.

I agree whole-heartedly. Spending money on your hobbies is never wrong – as long as it gives you joy. I spent around 2k€ on SW and don’t regret it (mostly). When people get frustrated after getting nothing is the real problem – because you’re wasting money without getting enjoyment of it.

Even though I say that, this post did kind of wake me up; because of Corona I spent way more than usual on SW than before – which is why I just set a spending limit of 20€ per month for myself. Maybe I’ll remove that limit in the future, but for now and for me I think it’s best to take a break spending – and see how that goes.

I wish for everyone reading this to think about if it’s worth it to spend your money on this game, if you get the enjoyment you want out of it, or if it’s just a way of venting for you – everyone is different. And of course lots of nat5s for everyone 🙂

But you still have the art and music instruments. The moment Com2Us decides it’s not making enaugh money anymore and they shut down the servers it’s all gone. The money could have also bought a lot more other stuff that someone can enjoy and has a more lasting value. OP spent like 10$ each day. A few years ago you spend like 12 a month for an MMO subscription. I’m even fine with cosmetic macro transactions but these random loot macro transactions are only aimed to create addictions and that’s pretty scummy and in all other cases of substances and gamble legally restricted.

I think the underlying issue here is that you NEEDED those art supplies to do art. Almost everyone that spends time on this game would spend that time regardless of whether or not they spent.

I bought $500 in packs the last 2 months that resulted in absolutely nothing. All I felt was shame after each purchase that I literally got ZERO value from the packs.

I would have spent the same amount of time in the game had i not spent that money, it was purely an endorphine chase. This game is a gambling addiction like no other.

Is this what you’d say to a gambling addict? Lol it isn’t comparable, an addictive gambling game vs a constructive hobby. Also now you’re a professional illustrator. Someone who spends on sw isn’t going to become a game dev lol.

Another point is, with art and music you learn something for life and every hour you spend on it makes you better and that’s something no one can take from you. In comparison to sw, there’s a possibility that they close the game servers and everything you spend on it, is worth nothing. There’s nearly nothing you can learn from it

I totally get where u coming from, but art supplies and instruments are not free, so the only way would be spending money, but sw is playable f2p, if u check youtube, there are plenty of summon sessions, especially ld, with huge amounts of scrolls and getting nothing, so even spending loads of cash monthly, nothing is guaranteed.

I’ve spent some money in the past but not anymore, btw its more expensive in my country, but I could’ve bought a lot of stuff instead of spending in a mobile game.

At the end of the day you are right, if you enjoy it and want to spend money, do it, but think carefully before doing it

I’m ashamed of the money I’ve put into this game. And every time it’s the same story, “just spend a little 30-50,” get nothing so I feel compelled to spend more, and then you just black out and next thing you know you charged $300 in 10 min and for what? A dupe praha or some shit? I was good for a while, I was clean for a year other than the trans scroll and then last week w these 6 year packs I relapsed. Shit keeps me up at night.

I feel you man. For whatever reason this quarantine has awoken a monster in me chasing for some type of excitement in life.

I bought the $100 monthly pack THE DAY BEFORE the new packs came out. Guess what? Couldn’t resist, $200 more down the drain. $300 in ONE DAY and all I got was a dupe Ariel.

I love this game to death but I’m hoping to call it quits on spending all together on this game, it is just way too slippy a slope.

I feel you wholeheartedly. I spend way more money than i mean to on this game and i wish that i could take it all back. There are so many things that i wish i could have spent that money on instead. This quarantine and stimulus checks and everything have been horrible on my spending discipline. Your post feels like i sign to me that maybe i should take a step back from the game and focus on what’s really more important. Instead of wondering what i can get from buying the next holiday pack, maybe i should focus on more important things….my wife really needs a new laptop…i look at the past 3 months of spending in sw…i could have gotten her a very high end one…that sickens me to no end. Thank you for posting OP. I needed this reminder.

Same for me. Bought too many packs. Realized I’d went overboard, they post new 6yr promo packs. I get more packs. Sacha? Nah man, it’s spelled Gotcha.

Not losing my house, didn’t spend that much, but yeah, I get it. I’ve spend more than I needed to, considering i have more good 4* than i could ever hope to rune well.

You know, 2 months ago I might have tried to make some comparison to spending money on any other entertainment related purchase and made some justification for it that way.

Over the past 2 months I’ve found myself spending more and more as these “high value packs” have kept popping up left and right. I spent $100 2 weeks ago popped the entire pack into scrolls and got nothing, swore I was done.

1 week later out comes the “extremely high value pack” that i just couldn’t pass up. I spent $200 on these packs and once again ended up with nothing.

It is easy to explain away an addiction justifying it with “Well i spend hundreds of hours on this game”, but in all reality I would have spent that time whether I paid or not.

Don’t let this game suck you into losing sight on the value of money.


You will literally spend on average 5-10k to get an LD nat 5. Don’t expect anything less than that.

Curious, do you / anyone know any other game where the rarest tier (note I didn’t say best cuz 70% of them are hot garbage) units are $7k avg?

I played many mobile games. I think avg I see is around $200-300 for a random rarest tier. Highest I’ve seen outside SW is probably $500 – E7.

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So sorry to bring up this topic, but I felt like I needed to get it off my chest.

I made my first purchase on SW on October 28th, 2015. A 3 euros-worth pack of crystals

I made the last one on December 27th, 2019. A 33 euros L&D pack

Between these two dates, I made about ~440 purchases, for a grand total of 10.015 euros and 40 cents. I spent the last 10 minutes typing onto my calculator like a lunatic to find out about this amount.

The only things I spent that much money on, in my entire life (I’m 27) are food/alcohol/rent.

My entire Steam library amounts for ~1600 euros.

Why would I share this information ?

Because I cannot stress enough how important money management is, especially when you’re young.

Looking back at this number, all I fell is disgust toward myself. Disgust because I spent so much money on a game I’ll never play again.

I spent:

– 10k euros

– ~3 years of my life

Failed my 4th uni year because I was busy trying to reach G1 and grind god-roll runes

So please. PLEASE. Before spending any money on this game, just remember: Don’t.

There’s little to no difference between 26 years old me, spending 33 euros to get 10 empty mystical scrolls, and your local homeless beggar, spending his daily pennies on a scratch-card lottery game‬, only to realize than he wasted 2 euros for nothing.

SW is, as a f2p game, a great lesson of life, because it teaches you about patience, effort, and commitment.

But as soon as you start injecting money in it, it is but an endless cycle of endorphin-fueled lightning-generating mystical scrolls. You remove the godly pleasure of deserving whatever it is you get, a great rune, a rare monster. You just wasted some real money on something you could have obtained by spending a little time, or having a little luck. And sure, time is money, but time spent on a mobile game should NOT be worth a single penny.

Oh, and the most important lesson in it all: Why did I stop playing on that faithful night, January 2nd ?

Because on that night, I pulled Zeratu, the one monster I craved, out of daily wish. Not on another 33 euros L&D pack, not on a holiday-special 110 euros pack. I got it out of something everyone, even a level 1 player, can access, for free.

Thanks for reading this, sorry for the long, depressing message.

TL;DR: Don’t spend money on gacha games. They are rigged.

So… admittedly, as someone who’s never played Summoner’s War, can I have some context as to just exactly how bad/p2w this game can be?

The only comparison I’ve ever heard is people who say E7 is the same as SW, but it doesn’t seem nearly the same to me

What people comparing SW and E7 is the gameplay (equipment, arena, RTA, automaton/TOA, hunt), while E7’s gacha and event system actually quite similar to FGO but tweaked.

SW gacha system is horrendous, normal SSR/5* rate is 0,5% and light and dark SSR/5 star rate is 0,35%. And there aren’t any banner which mean your chance for summoning specific SSR/5* is 0,0072%. The best chance for getting specific unit is from elemental summon and summoning stone (mystic summon in E7 exclude any light and dark/ML unit).

I only played it for a bit after launch but its has much worse summon rates with no pity mechanics, and success in enhancing gear is RNG dependent. One of my old guildies rage quit after spending 5k in a single summon session without a single 5* so you could probably tell how horrible the rates are. They could have made it worse/better since then but I highly doubt it.

SW has one of the most atrocious summon rates in the market, but it’s arguably one of the better games to play f2p if you’re not trying to compete at top level PvP (talking like top 100).

Some months ago they gave something like 100 free summons. Out of those+any currency I could get up to the point I played resulted in 0 nat5☆. I also played a bit before that, years ago, same result.

Early days, SW is kinda ok for a f2p game, since there’s not that many units and some that you can get early on are actually useful. As time goes on and more units are added to the game, it’s became unbalanced and not to mention the gacha rating is like below 1% for the 5 stars or SSR units. Not only that, even if you have an SSR, you have to hunt for runes, like equipments for it.

Each unit have 6 slots, and the drop rate for the runes is as shitty as the gacha, if not worse. Also, the runes are only farmable if you have like above average units, even then you have to manually farm cus auto farm is almost impossible unless you’ve got a good SSR. THAT’S RIGHT THERE ARE TRASH SSR UNITS, AND LOTS OF THEM. Now, they’ve added more mechanics I think, like costumes n such. I have no words for this game, except disappointment in the devs. Don’t play it, like srsly, spare your mental health.

It’s not p2w unless you want to achieve top tier rankings in pvp. All pve content can be cleared well by f2p units and you can get up to a prettydevent ranking in pvp with f2p.

SW is quite different from other relatively new gacha games. E.g. rerolls are super hard and totally unnecessary. They weren’t giving you many freebies without honest work. I played for a year with 2-4* normal farmable units because I had poor luck but I still had a lot of fun overtaking other players. Managed to clear e.g. Tower of Ascension Hard with these units that other people never bothered to build but struggled with the content. It was super fun tackling various contents with 3* units.

On the other spectrum you had people who needed to first pull a team almost full of meta 5* units and skill them up to clear various content. Most of them were spending the money to close the time gap between them and f2p players who were clearing these weekly/monthly contents months or years earlier and getting juicy rewards for their efforts. These chances were enough to get in top1000, top300 or even top100. In standard gacha game you spend money to widen the gap between you and timegated plebs and it is pretty easy to do so because you have all these pity counters for losers and powercreep banners that guarantee you the advantage if you spend enough. Boring. In SW if you were dedicated and smart at it then you only had to wait for the gacha to come to you at some point, be it months or years later. PvE progress and consistency was the most important.

I’ve had a whale guildmate who made a 3 year progress in half a year. He has quit soon later though, and the reason he gave us was: “In other games, I can buy whatever I want, in this game, I buy all the event and limited l&d packs, but they’re not enough for me to get 5 l&d units, and I can’t buy more because the game doesn’t let me buy more even when I have money.”*

Never saw any need to pay in this game, without rate-ups, banners and pity counters you could only buy more chances at luck and nothing else. 5* elemental units weren’t really that hard to pull over time, and were enough to play competitively if you had good rune quality and were creative enough. Remember Twins? They were 4* pretty easy to get units and you could use them to get to G1 arena. Remember 4* Light Lich? Dudes who played for 6 months, had luck in pulling him could rank in G2/+ as f2p because just the unit was deterring whales who paid $100k from hitting you.

That’s why this game was perfect for f2p players who liked to beat moderate p2p players. Later when they introduced Guild Siege you could farm a lot of premium currency with some 9000 IQ strats and this was a godly income for f2ps even when compared to their generous events. Many p2ps didn’t bother, because they just could buy this income. Oh and in this mode you had 4-star towers, so f2p player could just build some counters and get more wins than their p2p guildmates with full 5* rosters.

Still, I believe that SW’s commitment model is pretty outdated by now. But the RNG factor and luck elements included in gameplay (looking at you violent runes) is something I’d love to see in new gacha games, even as a separate mode like well-made Random Arena where only luck and skill matters. Games nowadays are super predictable and timegated, both whales and longer time players have clear progress advantage over newer and poorer players so people like me are just jumping from game to game playing on launches and quitting.

I’ve tried E7 and while they promised to make a better, anime-themed SW with necessary QoL changes, the game definitely lacks SW’s grandeur. Not saying the game is bad or anything, but definitely not something I am looking for. It’s fun to watch YDCB though 😉

To get my first 5 star it took me 1 year of active play. Then after that I went on and off with the game and even 7 years later i havent pulled a single light dark 5 star. There are also really good 4 stars which the game just refuses to give me.

i spent around 3k on hi3 and yes i regret it

I disagree.

Gacha games are entirely manageable by level headed individuals, no one made you spend that money, you chose to.

Gaming is a hobby, a hobby that you spend money on that you will never get back, like fishing, you put money in, but have nothing to show aside from experiences.

Even your Steam library, let’s say Steam goes bankrupt tomorrow, that’s all your games, gone, wasted money.

I’ve never played SW, but from my experiences with Azur Lane, Girls’ Frontline and Arknights, it’s the players responsibility to say no and give a limit.

I have sympathy for op, but I do agree with you. OP sounds like they have an addictive personality, and that if it wasn’t SW, it would have been something else.

I am personally very easily addicted to things. I know myself well enough to avoid games where I know I will be tempted. Whether it’s a gacha, an mmo, whatever, I just avoid games where I know the cash shop is a primary element. Or I play on a device that doesn’t have any cards attached, so buying currency is at least more difficult than just tapping a button and getting that endorphin hit .

I agree someone have the freedom to spend on something they enjoy, but in this kinda scenario we all agree gacha game roll is similar to gambling for us to chase endorphin or have advantage from free player.

Spending insane amount of money for something luck based / almost impossible is arguably not wise considering there must be a person so lucky that got something you have to spend 500$ for free or atleast 5 dollar.

You make it sounds like it’s 100% on the player, that’s not true at all. Gacha games are designed from the ground up to prey on fragile people, either with gambling issues or addictive personality like someone else said.

Everything is made to hook the well and not letting them go. If you’ve seen the infamous Torulf Jernström presentation, you know it’s true. No one in OP’s situation would spend that much on a game willingly. The fact that you spend by small amount is also another trap to make it seems you’re not spending that much.

So what you’re saying is basically “Just don’t go to the casino” to someone fragile that had his entire first trip to a casino paid for him. And therapy for gambling addition is a thing.

Gacha gaming uses both the technics of gambling and video games to make people addicted. Before you try a gacha you might not know you have a’ gambling problem. It’s not as simple as “no one made you spend your money”

A portion of the people using meth do not get addicted. That doesn’t mean meth isn’t bad. Gacha games pray on the small group of people with addictive traits and jump on that. There is no doubt a lot of gacha are praying on it.

I’ve never played SW, but from my experiences with Azur Lane, Girls’ Frontline and Arknights, it’s the players responsibility to say no and give a limit.

Kinda unfair to compare one of the most predatory gacha with outdated gacha system with 3 of the most least predatory gacha game in the market. AL and GFL is easily top 3 least predatory gacha, if not top 2. Let’s put it this way, if you make a gacha game with SW gacha rates/no pity/no selector these days, you have no chance to be big, because of the competitions.

Honestly if you want to compare SW with something, compare it with other Korean rpg gacha (other than destiny child). They tend to have similar predatory monetization and gameplay loop, like the overall skinner box structure is similar, similar time consuming mechanic and endless grind, layered rng gear/runes. But SW is arguably worse with less QoL and much more predatory gacha system.

As much as I dont love to trashtalk games, SW very much looks like low quality game with predatory monetization.

In all fairness, it looks low quality because its ancient