Reddit Anime Post: What is your favorite video game of all time : xbox

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Resident Evil 4.

Fallout New Vegas

It’s a though choice between The Witcher 3, Nier Autoama and Astral Chain.

Honorable mentions go to Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Rising and Skies of Arcadia(I have no idea if I would like it anymore but it brings me good memories) .


Culdcept Saga, on the Xbox 360. Best game you’ve never heard of!

Battlefield 1


Probably a borderlands or dark souls game

I love borderlands

Has to be between the mass effect trilogy and Witcher 3(with it’s DLC)

The Warriors or Skate 2.

The Witcher 3


Can’t pick but any of the Rocksteady Arkham games.

GoldenEye 007 or DK64

It’s a tough choice between those two for me

Guitar hero: World Tour, followed by Fable 2, followed by Condemned: Criminal Origins. Only Fable has any hope of a new sequel.

The others are either too expensive to make or way too gruesome to have nowadays.

Crysis 2 for me 🙂

Batman Arkham City. Original game characters only? Then probably Overwatch.

Fallout 2

Top News: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Calls For Investigation Into Twitter For ‘Possible Criminal Violations’

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WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has called for an investigation into Twitter for “possible criminal violations” of U.S. sanctions against Iran. Cruz sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Friday, asking for an investigation to be opened up against the social media company.

Reddit Anime Post: I was charged 80 euro from Microsoft xbox, Who can I talk to about this? : xbox

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First off,

I subscribed to the game pass for 1 euro and the game pass is meant to be 12 euro for this month.

I seen that 2 unauthorised transactions occurred,

One for 50 euros and the other for 30 euros,

I checked the order history for nothing to appear about these unauthorised transactions,

I would be more than happy to provide more details or screenshot,

Also the payment failed for the xbox game pass as I now have – 10 in my account.

I have no job thanks to covid, unauthorised transactions is the last thing I need at the moment.

I know you probably could not think right when stressed but there are multiple contact points for Microsoft.

Oh thank god,

Thank you very much for linking me to someone human,

Issue is resolved as best as possible until I reach my bank tomorrow,

Good news, I’m being refunded,

You can talk to Microsoft about this, because that’s who you need to talk to. No one else.

I have tried the official website, I’ve tried customer service,

their website has faq database essentially,

their customer service is automated and give me the run around,

I need someone human,

I’m shaking with anxiety

Top News: A second round of stimulus checks could be on the way. Here’s what you can do to prepare

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If you’re like most Americans, you are probably watching Capitol Hill closely to see if new relief legislation will include another round of stimulus checks. To ensure you get that money, you would also be wise to do something else – file your federal tax returns, if you haven’t done so already, experts say.

Reddit Anime Post: Is anybody else a fan of the Manhunt games (1 & 2)? I’m hoping Rockstar will eventually do Manhunt 3. Just imagine the possibilities and a bit more of a freeroaming map/mission area. Not to mention graphics. : xbox

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r/xbox - Is anybody else a fan of the Manhunt games (1 & 2)? I'm hoping Rockstar will eventually do Manhunt 3. Just imagine the possibilities and a bit more of a freeroaming map/mission area. Not to mention graphics.

Wow manhunt was epic. I forgot about this treasure!

I am always thrown back into my memories of the game (started on Manhunt 2, immediately blown away at the darkness of the game) then I tried the first and was so into the story, it was an amazing video gamw experience for me.

Totally agree. It is still a one of a kind game. The New tech today would make this game a thing of beauty!

Maybe even remaster them both

The media in this era of political correctness would absolutely hammer it to death (pun intended).

Though they glorify violence and tragedy all the time and war games seem to be acceptable, a virtual psychotic killer murdering a thug with a plastic bag is too far, despite the game clearly being labeled M, FOR ADULTS.

Rockstar would be taking a huge financial risk with this game. Certain stores might refuse to shelve it.

Especially when taking into account how graphics have improved since the last installment, there’s just no hope.

You can thank political correctness and the media for contaminating video games when it has already been proven that there is no link between fantasy and real life violence.

Even a remastered edition would fucking blow me away!

They wouldn’t get away with it today. They’d get absolutely hammered by the media. People would expect a somewhat more photorealistic or at least a much higher graphical fidelity and the level of violence these games were known for would just absolutely trigger the life out of all the wrong people. Just imagine the sound design and visual fidelity of all the deaths and animations. It might even be a bit too much and borderline sick. I wish they could do it though just to have the freedom to express themselves and take risks like they could all those years ago. Where the industry is right now is dire and probably one of the reasons Sam Houser left Rockstar. Probably just pressure and burnout.

The Last of Us series is the spiritual successor to the Manhunt series. Shivs, bricks, bottles, brutality, running frantically away when shit goes bad… it scratches the same itch.

Reddit Anime Post: Anybody remember the day Bethesda announced Fallout 3? This was one of their teaser poster of the game when it was still in development. : xbox

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r/xbox - Anybody remember the day Bethesda announced Fallout 3? This was one of their teaser poster of the game when it was still in development.

Yeah I remember it. I never played the other ones but once I seen this one I remember I needed to have it. I got the limited edition one with the lunch box and bobble head.

I know many people think that New Vegas was superior to this and it in many ways it was but I fell love with this game. I really liked the main story line and the atmosphere of sneaking around a mostly destroyed DC was just incredible. Especially when you first start exploring and many of the creatures you encounter kill you almost instantly.

I still love Fallout 3, New Vegas, and (yes even) Fallout 4. Just the sheer volume of exploration, little things you find as you travel, and just the sense of “omg I’m basically alone out here” with the exception of course of the random people you might come upon or small towns scattered here and there. It’s a great series 🙂

Fallout 76 can go wither and perish however. What a mess that was.

Are you now going to create one of these threads for every game released over the last decade?

Top News: U.S. Internationals Take Center Stage in Bundesliga Action

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Bundesliga action continues this weekend with seven key matches across the FOX Sports family of networks. Action gets underway with Freiburg vs. Bayer Leverkusen on Friday, May 29 at 2:20 PM ET on FS2. Saturday’s four game lineup kicks off with Weston McKennie and Schalke taking on Josh Sargent’s Werder Bremen at 9:20 AM ET on FS1 and concludes with Bundesliga leader Bayern Munich when they face off against Fortuna Dusseldorf at 12:20 PM ET on FS1. The action-packed weekend wraps up with Gio Reyna and Borussia Dortmund vs. Paderborn on Sunday at 11:50 AM ET on FS1. The full schedule can be found below.

Anime News: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Fifth Plate Episode 5

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You know what I’m sick of? People looking down on Soma because his family runs a diner. I have a low tolerance for snobbery anyway, but this particular brand of it has seriously worn out its welcome. He made it into The Blue, for goodness’ sake. Maybe just trust that he’s better than your biases want you to believe?

That this is an ongoing plot point is somehow worse given that this week’s challenge for Soma and the other contestants is to make a fancy dish using only convenience store ingredients. (Good thing Japanese conbini are fancier than American ones – I can just imagine someone trying to cook a gourmet meal with Twinkies, cheap beer, and cola-flavored slushies.) Yes, he does screw up the first time, but that seems to be more on the judge than on Soma; it’s all well and good to expect Blue contestants to have the creativity needed to please her, but she doesn’t appear to have clearly explained the rules. Not that that’s particularly surprising for Food Wars, because at least half of what chefs are expected to be in the show’s world is clearly “psychic.” But in this case it just opens the door for Rantabi (who is increasingly annoying) to let her prejudices show some more, and since a large piece of this Blue is about the fight between the legitimate and underworld chefs, I feel like “Soma sucks because he’s from a diner” biases really could go away, because they’re not quite as relevant anymore.

Rantabi does, however, hand Soma something that he’s never dealt with previously: an ignominious defeat. He’s lost plenty of times before, but this is a different issue – no one has denigrated him for losing the way Rantabi does. Usually they simply tell him why he lost to this particular person and Soma is able to learn from his defeat, but Rantabi is apparently more invested in making him feel like a loser rather than offering him an opportunity to improve himself. That, again, smacks of snobbery, although it is in line with how we’ve seen her behave with other people. So maybe it’s less that she’s out for Soma and more that she’s got no business being a judge, because “impartiality” is clearly not one of her strong suits. Of course, there’s something wonky about this entire Blue, and Rantabi is merely a symptom of it rather than the problem herself. There’s clearly something going on with the person running the show, and I desperately wanted Soma to make a comment along the lines of, “I’m gonna win, but no way I’m becoming your personal chef.”

With all of the plot points being on hold until Soma makes it through most of the gates to the castle proper, one thing we’re not seeing much of is actual cooking. While this was true of season four, it was also part of the problem with season four, so it’s a shame to see it continue here. We get glimpses of cookery, but mostly after-the-fact information, which, while interesting, does take down some of the tension. This is much better managed in this episode than it was in the previous one, but that’s largely due to Soma failing his first attempt, and I do wish we at least got to see what Takumi and Megumi made rather than just seeing that they passed. On the other hand, having Tsukasa back makes up for a bit of their sidelining, because watching he and Soma interact as friends and equals is really nice. I could definitely relate to Tsukasa being relieved to see people he knew and his panic at being swarmed with reporters was a nice counterpoint to the overwhelming confidence displayed by the Noir members.

Speaking of, we didn’t see any of the Noir chefs cook this week. We know that Bunny Girl, Clown Boy, and at least one other seeded member were participating in the trial, so why didn’t we spend even a second with them? Is the show holding out for Chainsaw Lady? It seems like for everything this season does right it’s got two things it left out in service of that, and while I’m curious as to what’s going to happen next, I’m also trepidatious about how it’s going to play out.


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