Reddit Anime Post: Let’s play SNES and NES games! : Switch

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I just discovered the SNES/NES collection. Even better, it has ONLINE CO-OP?!?


I don’t know anyone irl I can play with and I’m dying for for co-op nostalgia. I’m excited for River City Ransom mostly, but I’ll play anything!

Friend code SW-6957-2723-2005

I’m also looking for Dark Souls friends, and Stardew Valley. (However multiplayer works in that one, I have no clue. (

Im down

Awesome possum! Just accepted your friend request!

Oh, I’m not super sure how it works though!

I’ma add you now! Totally down to do it.

Hey thanks a lot! Looking forward to it!

Nice try Satan

Dang, almost had em.

I’ll add you in a few minutes!

Great username ♥️

Anime News: Rent-A-Girlfriend Episode 4

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My god, they actually did it. Against all odds, Rent-A-Girlfriend actually managed to fill almost an entire episode with story borne from organic character conflict instead of contrived coincidence! Granted it falls into that in the waning minutes, but after 3 episodes of stuff just happening because we need something to be going on, I’ll take it. It also helps that said drama is actually pretty engaging, at least by this show’s standards.

While we ended last week with Mami making her move to break up Kazuya and his not-girlfriend, this episode sees fit to show us how the pair originally met. More importantly it gives us a glimpse into the meat of their brief relationship, and it does a surprisingly sentimental job of showing us why Kazuya is just so hung up on Mami to begin with. So far all we really knew for sure was that Kazuya thinks she’s really hot and he really wants to get laid, but here the picture painted by their date scenes is one of somebody awkward and insecure who found comfort by being vulnerable with another person. Putting himself out there about being a newbie to romance and being reaffirmed rather than mocked, I can totally understand why our dumpster fire of a lead would still be so fanatical, even if it’s clear to the audience that Mami’s less than radical.

It also makes what comes after both harder and easier to watch. Something that comes up occasionally for me is sympathy cringe, where seeing a character walk face first into a doubtlessly painful situation can makes it seriously difficult to keep watching, just because of secondhand embarrassment. That struck hard when Kazuya decided to finally bite the bullet and (sort of) wrap things up with his fake relationship with Chizuru. With his grandma due to be discharged soon and things looking good (Well, “good”) with Mami, he tries to ease his way into announcing their impending breakup, and immediately gets decked by his friend Kibe.

Kibe has been mostly comedic relief so far, dunking on Kazuya through concern over how he’ll never be able to live up to a girl as hot as Chizuru, but here we see a surprisingly observant side of him. He can tell his friend is still trying to slide back into Mami’s DMs – and even calls out Mami for playing into things – and is fed up to see his friend mistreat his apparent partner. In probably the best scene in the show so far, the two slug it out in an incredibly awkward fight that leaves their whole friend group awkwardly avoiding eye contact, and ends with Kazuya slinking off and beating himself up over lying his way into this whole mess. But afterwards he gets perhaps the most vital words he could from Chizuru: he did the right thing. It was awkward, unpleasant, and will require dealing with the fallout, but he’s taken a step towards facing his issues instead of lying to avoid them. The whole sequence manages to address my most consistent concerns about our lead’s friend group while fleshing out perhaps its most obnoxious member that makes the entire situation feel a lot more human than I would have expected.

It also leads to one of Rent-A-Girlfriend’s rare moments of unguarded sentiment, where Kibe pulls Chizuru aside to apologize for what he did, and shares some of his history growing up with Kazuya. The story he tells is a simple one, but with a pretty effective moral about our lead; Kazuya can be cowardly, dim, and frustratingly irresponsible, but he has it in him to work and build towards things he really cares about, even when everyone around him thinks it’s pointless, and there’s something genuinely endearing about that. If Kazuya could recapture that energy and start seeing himself as something worth caring about rather than treating himself as a total bum, there’s plenty of reason to think he could get his act together. It’s a shockingly sincere and empathetic moment that I wouldn’t have expected from this show before this episode, and it really raised my opinion of the work as a whole.

Anyway then Chizuru gets a fever and deliriously tumbles overboard on a boat and Kazuya dives in after her as a cliffhanger.

Hey, I said RaG got its shit together for most of the episode, not the whole thing, alright? But it makes sense for this show’s subgenre: no matter how milquetoast and nebbish your harem protagonist, they always need to get some kind of “cool” moment to show their positive traits (and to better work as a power fantasy for the presumed male viewer) so even Kazuya was going to get some kind of heroic opportunity at some point. That it took 4 episodes to get there is a testament to how thoroughly the series has tried to make its lead an actual character rather than a cardboard standee with the face cut out. That context doesn’t make this bit of drama any less contrived or eye-rolling, but if I can buy nonsense like a foreign princess who looks exactly like the series’ lead girl, I can at least tolerate sickness-induced maritime accidents.

That moment aside, I came away from this episode confident that the character writing is actually going somewhere and curious what the show has in store going forward. Will Mami have any regrets about what she’s been doing? Will Kazuya be able to stick to his resolution and end his bizarre arrangement with Chizuru despite disappointing his family? I have no idea if the answer to these questions will be satisfying, but for the first time I feel comfortable expecting them to be answered, and that’s enough, for now.


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Reddit Anime Post: Aw man so close! : animegifs

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That smug ass rubber duck

Fuck you Mr.Ducky

The look on his face; he definitely knows

/u/fuckswithducks can sort that out for you.

I never thought I would one day want to murder a rubber duck, but here we are.

I love this show!! I have wanted the power of portals ever since

Is it worth watching? Is there an anime you’d compare / relate it to? I watched the first couple episodes and it seemed very childlike, however the trailers make it look amazing, so what gives?

What’s the name if the show?


damn son.. that is a dangerous link to just be whip’n out like that.

The show is called Wakfu, and it’s not technically anime. It’s French.

Who cares bout that. The real question is did u you like the gif?

Just because it’s French doesn’t mean it’s not anime.

I couldn’t really say what makes a cartoon an anime or an anime a cartoon, but I can say that animated series called ‘cartoons’ are most of the time more childish, or not really taken seriously.

One Punch Man is anime, Family Guy is a cartoon, Rick and Morty is an animated series, and Wakfu is either an anime, or also an animated series, but I wouldn’t call it a cartoon.

I just call it a French anime, since it’s definitely a serious show, and the animation is way too good to be called a cartoon

Anime doesn’t have to be made in Japan, a large amount of anime is produced in neighboring countries like South Korea and China

The duck ain’t in the storyboard version

Cant show a nude minor in an animated series that millions watch in france per se

What ever happened to that storyboard animation? I heard it got removed, but isn’t somewhere on Twitter?

There you go

IGN Article: The Batman: Dave Bautista Tried His Best to Play Bane

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At the end of last year, Guardians of the Galaxy star, and ex-WWE superstar, Dave Bautista tweeted out a picture of himself on the Warner Bros. lot with the caption “It won’t come to you so get after it!! #DreamChaser.”

It now seems as though Bautista was there to pitch himself as Bane for Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Recently, responding to a comment online where the tweeter wrote that he’d read an article speculating that Bautista could be playing Bane, Bautista explained that he had tried his best to win the role.

Take a look!

On the known villain front, The Batman will feature Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

The Batman, which paused production due to COVID-19 last March, was one of several films that got cleared to resume shooting soon.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Warner Bros. had ordered a TV spinoff to The Batman – a prequel series focused on the members of the Gotham City Police Department that will be exclusive to HBO Max.

The Batman will be a part of DC’s FanDome event on August 22.

The Robert Pattinson Movies Batman Fans Need to See

Matt Fowler is a writer for IGN and a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler and Facebook at

Top News: I Thought I Was Prepared to Marry a Black Man, But I Had NO Idea

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It was a little over two and a half years ago, right before I was about to be married I was asked the question, “Are you prepared for what you and your family will experience seeing as how you are marrying a black man?” Being a white girl raised in Salt Lake City, Utah I was offended. The man I was speaking with took notice to my offense and simply said “I don’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that things will be different than I think you are expecting. Things will be harder.” I explained that I was fine and that things were going to be great.

Reddit Anime Post: Spongebob Rehydrated : Switch

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Good lord this game runs rubbish on the Switch. Docket, handheld, doesn’t matter, the first area outside Spongebobs house runs insanely bad.

Anyone else who got their hands on it feel this way?

Also, Spongebob starts sneaking if you hold the analog stick top left or top right, that doesn’t seem quite right to me.

I heard the same. Was gonna get it for my kids but I guess I’ll skip

No, don’t make a decision yet.

THQ said another patch is on the way. You should wait until after that drops to make a decision. It’s still a solid game even with the occasional slowdown. Watch some footage if you don’t believe me. Several people have footage of it in Handheld Mode.

I don’t have the game but after looking at some reviews and gameplay, the game seems to run fine. There are some glitches but that seems to be prelevant with all versions of the game, it doesn’t really impact the gameplay. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a quick patch.

I bet it’ll run better on a laptop.

Bro its not that bad your kids will love it and probably not even notice

Yep. Sadly going to have to get the PS4 version. The videos I watched for every other version look amazing but the Switch looks super fuzzy and choppy. Can’t do it this time.

Thanks for letting me know.

Now I’m glad I bought it on PS4

The game is so bad and so unplayable that I am working through the process to get a refund.

Please note people that the developers lied, they said that the game would run at a smooth 60 FPS on each platform, including Switch. Here is a link to their lie:

The section he’s playing, I couldn’t even see the fish launch from the cannon. They just popped into the screen in front of me.

I’ll just chime in and say it’s been fine for me. Load times are a little long when you exit SpongeBobs house into the bikini bottom hub area, but I haven’t experienced any lag or anything abnormal. The sneaking thing happens occasionally but it hasn’t been an issue for me.

I got it and it runs fine honestly

Feliz Cake Day!

Yep same the kids played for hours and I for about a hour after they went to bed. Can’t wait to get home and play more.

Was so disappointed I had to get it on pc. It feels like an entirely different game on the different consoles. It runs like hot trash on the switch. Do not get this game for the switch.

Mine plays fine

Is it actually good??? I love spongebob but assumed the game was shite

The game is great but not on the Switch.

When I first got it it looked like that but after a bit of play it will fixed itself a bit I don’t know why it does this, also another patch is coming. Bubble buddy doesn’t look like butt now so just give it some time and just play the game

Top News: ’28 Days Later’ Just Became Real After Monkeys Escape From Lab With COVID-19 Blood Test Samples

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After discovering monkeys have escaped with COVID-19 test samples, people think the pandemic is starting to resemble the movies 28 Days Later and Contagion. The monkeys attacked a lab assistant before escaping with COVID-19 blood test samples in Dehli, India, as reported by the Times of India. One monkey was spotted sitting in a tree chewing on the sample collection kit, as locals said they feared the further spread of infection.

Reddit Anime Post: Rikka finger spin : animegifs

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Finished the movie recently and it gives me the best void feelings

10/10 wasn’t expecting Tamako Market references in the movie

Really man, Love, Chuunibyou and other Delusions(the whole series) became my new benchmark for romance anime, with one the the most innocent and most unique relationship. Tamako market followed up by Tamako love story is the best follow up of a slice of life I’ve ever seen, it has everything I ever wanted in an anime…wholesome slice of life (with Kyoto animation characters😚) followed by a conclusive romance

KyoAni is a blessing on the world.

Where can I watch the movie?

Where can you watch the movie at

Takeeeee Onnnnnn Meeeeee~


Is this from the movie?


This is up there as 1 of my fave slice of life but nothing in my opinion can beat k-on

But is that ass still too fat, whoop whoop?

Haven’t seen the movie yet but it’s good to know there’s more Rikka “ow!” Moments. Also her movements bring me joy

Pls watch the Chuunibyo movie it’s worth the time

finally know where the rem gif is from

Technically it is from the same thing, but it’s actually the opening from this series, not this scene in particular

How do I download this GIF?

click the gif, then theres a 3 dots on the upper right, then download gif

How many movies are there?

1 only huhu

Only one that matters