Top News: Newcastle United Cult Heroes

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Newcastle United have had some great players don the famous black and white stripes down the years. Graeme and Zack take a look at some of Newcastle’s cult heroes. Ahhh Perchinho, he could play absolutely anywhere and at Newcastle United, Perch played in numerous positions. He adopted the role of utility man. Perch had picked up an astonishing 5 yellow cards in his opening 5 games for Newcastle, a record that still stands today. Perch made 65 appearances for the club, scoring once during that time in a 4-3 defeat at Old Trafford against Manchester United.

Tech HowTo: How to Control Spotify with Siri

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Siri can be used to control a whole lot more than just Apple’s devices, apps, and services. One such third-party service is the Spotify iOS app, which just recently began testing Siri support for some users.

The catch here is that you need to have upgraded your iOS device to iOS 13.1 and you have to be using the latest beta version of the Spotify app in order for Siri to control it. Most folks have probably installed the iOS 13.1 update at this point, but just in case you haven’t you can download it by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone.

As for getting the latest Spotify beta app, you can opt into the Testflight program via the App Store—though, fair warning, it’s a limited beta and only a select number of testers are allowed in at a time.

For those in the Spotify beta, using the basic “Hey, Siri” command will call up the digital assistant, which you can then ask to look up a song, album, or artist on Spotify—though just be sure you clearly ask for Siri to look “on Spotify,” otherwise you’ll get results from elsewhere like Apple Music or Safari.

While it’s great to see Spotify finally moving toward Siri support, there are some limitations. Currently, you can only use Siri with Spotify on iPhones running iOS 13.1—either directly through the phone or with a pair of AirPods—but not in the Spotify apps for HomePod or Apple Watch. Furthermore, you can only use Siri to look up music on Spotify, not podcasts.

These are understandable shortcomings considering the feature is still in the testing phase, but worth pointing out nonetheless. As we always say, beta software can be buggy and unstable, but you can always use the above link to opt out of the Spotify beta if you’re encountering issues.

Whether you skip the beta or simply don’t get in, Siri support should be available in the full-release version of Spotify soon, hopefully with a wider array of supported devices, commands, and content.

Reddit Anime Post: where u at, mom? : Animemes

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r/Animemes - where u at, mom?

27 yr old me tinking my dad died cuz he hes ben to the store for 20years

26 year old me by default

Is this an ERASED meme? It feels like forever since that came out

It has been 3 years

The ending was such a letdown.

Only Babylon surpasses in terms of a trainwreck.

I watched it for the first time a few weeks ago. I loved it up until the ending

Knowing that character she’s crying of joy

The breakfast scene right?

Always me… (I am 21)

Same here, also 21.

Mood (20 in quarantine)

Same (am 11)

It’s weird, dor my step-father I wish he couldn’t come back…

Way too real

I thought I was the only one who thought that

{WTF Was That Ending?????}

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi – (AL, A-P, KIT, MAL)

TV | Status: Finished | Episodes: 12 | Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller, Drama

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Manga ending was better. Read that instead.

Reddit Anime Post: [Video] Saints Row: The Third Remastered vs Original Graphics Comparison : PS4

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mafia 2 should take some notes..

This Remaster definitely sucks but I hope in the future it gets an actual remake when the graphics start being an issue. The game holds up pretty well still graphically.

This game’s graphics came a long way…

damn that’s pretty impressive actually!

Cries in Mafia 2: Definitive Edition, if only…

When i saw the mafia 1 remake screenshots i thought that was definitive edition.

Have you noticed how laggy the game is when driving? Is there a fix for that?

Thank God I got it for free through the Malaysia psn store glitch

Face models look much better. Just look at Viola. I think Saints 5 will be very good in terms of visuals

Johnny Gat looks weird

Yeah I think old Gat looks better than new Gat, which is weird af.

Johnny looks perfect. It’s the MC I’m concerned about.

What we all want to see is the remastered toilet.

Get ready for that realistic looking cistern babyyyy

Definitely lighting improvements, but am I alone in preferring the stylization of the Original in this video?

some look better some look worse it’s weird. The default main character looks awful though, i wonder how the character creation looks.

EDIT actually from that video it was just the lighting in that scene, it’s not that bad actually.

I agree. I’m currently playing it and the amount of improvements is impressive. However, the faces, while better from a technical perspective, seem off stylistically. They look like totally different characters in most cases.

It looks sooo freaking good

This is one example of a remaster where I see a side by side and don’t think “which is which?”

Game News: Title For Next Evil Dead Movie Sounds Like A Streaming Service

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In an interview with Empire, Campbell, who plays main character Ash in the films and the TV series, stated that Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin will helm the next entry. “We’re just getting off the phone with Lee Cronin, who is writing and directing the next Evil Dead,” he said. “It’s called Evil Dead Now. Sam handpicked Lee–he did a cool movie called The Hole In The Ground. We’re going to get that sucker out as soon as practical.”

Evil Dead Now sounds like a streaming service dedicated to the Evil Dead series, which we think is a great idea. Anyway, Campbell also confirmed that Ash won’t feature in any future movies. “From this point forward, they kind of have to stand on their own. Which is fine. And liberating,” he said. “You could have different heroes, different heroines in this case. This one’s gonna be a little more dynamic. We just want to keep the series current. And the mantra, really, is that our heroes and heroines are just regular people. That’s what we’re going to continue.”

The original Evil Dead was followed by 1986’s more comedic Evil Dead II and 1990’s Army of Darkness. Raimi and Campbell produced the 2013 remake, which was directed by Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe), and Ash vs Evil Dead, which ran for 30 episodes between 2016 and 2018.

Ash most recently appeared as a playable survivor in the game Dead by Daylight. Campbell performed the voice acting for the character. Another Evil Dead game is also in the works, with Campbell attached in some capacity.

For more, check out GameSpot’s guide to the best horror comedies to stream, and our look at the best upcoming horror movies of 2020.

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Game News: Overwatch League Returns This Weekend With Summer Showdown Tournament

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Starting on Saturday, June 13 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT, all 20 OWL teams will play matches in their respective regions and time zones similar to the May Melee. This means teams in North America–Atlanta Reign, Los Angeles Valiant, Vancouver Titans, etcetera–will play against each other, while those in Asia–Chengdu Hunters, New York Excelsior, Seoul Dynasty, and the like–will battle each other.

This will culminate in the Summer Showdown (July 3-5), the tournament that concludes the latest OWL season. All 20 teams will participate in their respective competition–the North American and Asian brackets–and will compete for a $275,000 prize. The winner receives $50,000; second-place teams get $25,000; third- and fourth-placers will be given $10,000; and each tournament a team wins grants them an additional $5,000 on top.

With the OWL returning this weekend, the organization has announced how Hero Pools will be handled during this latest set of matches. They will now last two weeks instead of one, and once they lapse, the following two weeks will see no Hero Pools; all the characters will be playable. This rotation will last until the Summer Showdown in July, which will make all Overwatch heroes available to play. The Hero Pool selection this time consists of Brigette, D.Va, Echo, and Sombra, and will be in effect until the start of Week 21 on June 27.

In other Overwatch news, developer Blizzard recently celebrated the game’s four-year anniversary. The company released a bunch of new skins and sold other goodies like apparel, Funko Pops, statues, and more. On top of this, the studio implemented a new patch that included an overhauled chat wheel and other changes.

GameSpot has officially kicked off Play For All–a celebration of all things gaming. Join us as we bring you the summer’s hottest news, previews, interviews, features, and videos, as well as raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts and Black Lives Matter with the help of our friends from around the gaming world. Check out the Play For All schedule for more.

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Top News: Klopp Weighs In On Null and Void Option

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With football stopped due to COVID-19, theories, suggestions, and keyboard experts abounded as people tried to guess how the Premier League season would end. With England’s response to the pandemic leaving something to be desired, it was inevitable that the idea of simply scratching this season out of the record books was considered.

Tech HowTo: How to Boot From a USB Drive or CD on Any Computer

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When you’re troubleshooting your computer or installing a new operating system, you may need to “boot from a disc” or USB device (like an external hard drive or flash drive). Here’s what that means—and how to do it.

When you press the power button on your computer, it boots up from its internal hard drive, where your operating system (usually Windows or macOS) is stored. But sometimes you need to boot into something different. Maybe you need to boot from your Windows installation disc to reinstall Windows, or perhaps you need to boot from a system rescue disc to solve a problem with your machine. You may simply want to run a different operating system on your computer.

Every Windows PC is different. Some PCs are already set up to search for a USB option before defaulting to the operating system on the internal hard disk. But once you get into your system’s boot menu, you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

Here’s how to boot from a CD or USB drive on a PC:

Restart your computer and wait for that first screen to pop up. Often, it’ll say something like “Press F12 to Choose Boot Device” somewhere on the screen—the requested function key could vary depending on your machine. Press that key now.

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Give it a moment to continue booting, and you should see a menu pop up with a list of choices on it. Highlight your preferred CD or USB drive and press Enter.

Alternatively, you can set your computer to always check for a bootable CD or USB drive and change the boot order. That way, when you have an external disc inserted, your machine will boot from it automatically, and when you don’t, it’ll head into your regular operating system. To set this up, follow these instructions.

Restart your computer and watch for the first screen that shows up when you boot. You should see a message like “Press DEL to enter SETUP” or something similar (the requested key may vary depending on your machine). Press the noted key on your keyboard and wait for setup to start.

You should see a new screen pop up, called your BIOS. This is where you set a lot of low-level settings for your computer. BIOS menus are configured differently across machines, but you should see instructions for how to navigate yours (i.e., which keystrokes to use) somewhere in the window.

Using those instructions, look through your menu options (be careful not to change anything else) for a setting called “Boot Device,” “Boot Order,” or something similar. Select that option.

From the menu that pops up, choose your computer’s disc drive and press Enter. If you’re trying to boot from a USB drive, choose that option. It might be listed on its own or under a sub-menu like “Removable Devices.” Press Enter. Depending on your BIOS, you may need to use the Page Up and Page Down or +/- keys to move your selection to the top of a list instead. Again, use the directions listed on your specific machine.

Follow instructions to exit out of your BIOS and save your changes. Usually, this option is under “Exit” or “Save and Exit” on the main menu or available via a keyboard shortcut listed somewhere on your screen. Depending on your BIOS, you may have to confirm your selection again.

Your computer should restart automatically. Make sure your CD or USB drive is in your computer. If you’re prompted to “Press any key to boot from external device,” do so. Your computer should boot into the CD or USB drive instead of your normal operating system.

From there, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows, troubleshoot issues, or do whatever else it is you need to do.

Booting from a USB or CD is very, very easy on a Mac. One way to do this is to open System Preferences > Startup Disk. You’ll see your built-in hard disk as well as any compatible operating systems and external drives.

Click the lock icon at the bottom-left corner of the window, enter your admin password, select the startup disk you want to boot from, and hit Restart. This method will save your startup disk preference until you go through this process again to choose a different option.

To do a one-off boot from a USB, you’ll use the Startup Manager instead. Here’s how it works:

Reboot your computer. Press and hold the Option key as soon as your machine restarts. Release when the Startup Manager window opens (or when you’re asked to put in your firmware password).

You should see icons for your available drives. On the right, you’ll find your external (CD or USB) drive with its name listed underneath. Use your arrow keys or your mouse to highlight that drive, then press Return or click on the arrow below it. (If you press and hold Control at the same time, your computer will save this as your preference—similar to the process outlined above.)

From there, your computer will boot into the CD or USB drive instead of OS X, and you can do whatever it is you need to do by following the on-screen instructions.

This story was originally published on 3/22/13 and was updated on 9/27/19 to provide more thorough and current information.