Game News: Video Game Releases In June 2020: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

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To give you a look at what’s ahead for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch, we’ve rounded up all the biggest games of June 2020 below. For a wider look at the titles still to come this year, be sure to check out our list of game release dates in 2020. Otherwise, be sure to check this article often for the latest during this month, as we’ll be sure to update it with more new release dates that get announced.

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Disintegration is an upcoming first-person shooter that incorporates elements of real-time strategy games. directed by the co-creator of Halo, Marcus Lehto, the game is shaping up to have similarly intriguing sci-fi elements, where you play as a group of humans-turned-robotic outlaws striving to reclaim control over society from a militant superpower bent on converting humanity into robots.

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Set five years after the events of its universally loved predecessor, Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part II follows an older Ellie and Joel, who have finally found a life of peace among a thriving community of survivors. That is until a violent event forces Ellie to embark on a new journey in search for vengeance, justice, and closure. On June 19, you can experience this beautiful, but dangerous, world for yourself. And thanks to the newest iteration of the Naughty Dog engine, the characters and world are more realistic and meticulously detailed than ever before.

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Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is a remaster of the 2003 licensed platformer of the same name. Much like Activision’s work on the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon remakes, Battle for Bikini Bottom will have completely redone visuals, textures, and character models. Also, it will feature a new multiplayer mode and new content cut from the original.

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Top News: European markets close 4% higher as lockdown lifting continues

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The pan-European Stoxx 600 closed 4% higher, with basic resources stocks climbing 8% to lead gains as all sectors and major bourses traded firmly in positive territory. U.S. biotech firm Moderna reported “positive” phase one results for its vaccine trial Monday, sending shares stateside sharply higher.

Reddit Anime Post: 40 Years Ago Today, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back Released Worldwide : StarWars

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r/StarWars - 40 Years Ago Today, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Released Worldwide

I wish I was alive to see that. The release of the Star Wars series sounds like it would’ve been wild.

I was there ! 🥂🍾

I miss 9 year old me !

Still the most beloved movie of my childhood !!!

And I’m still a child at heart 😂

This trailer is relevant 💯

I was lucky enough to discover star wars at the time of the theater release for the special editions.

People can hate the special editions all they like but it was my introduction into star wars, let me see it in theaters and got myself all that sweet merch from taco bell including the cup toppers. Those were the days, I miss movies cross promoting with food chains the way they used to.

I wasn’t alive for it…but I’m such a geek about it now. Always loved star wars. My kids just got done watching empire as I finished out my work day from home.

I went to the re-releases in the late 90s, and just seeing the films on the big screen was incredible, then loved going to the prequels as well.

Now I buy SW Lego like its going out of style, finally finished Clone wars, and just finished season 1 of rebels.

Wasn’t a huge fan of the sequels, but I will give SW content a try no matter what. I honestly feel that clone wars was potentially the best of all. Loved the series. Ahsoka. Maul….character development…stories.

I truly hope disney can return this franchise to it’s prior glory.

I remember seeing it at a Saturday morning showing that first weekend. This was a huge theater with a balcony section and it was packed to the rafters. The movie started late and everyone was chanting and completely fired up. When the fanfare hit and those yellow letters came up on the screen the cheers were deafening! Still ranks as one of my top moviegoing experiences.

I was 3 when a new hope was released. I can’t recall seeing it in theaters but it’s likely I did. I do recall seeing it at a drive- in movie and I assume it was a year later when I’d have been around four. I was enthralled but I was so little I could never stay awake for the entire movie.

I would have been 6 when Empire was released and it was amazing. Back then they just gave you a generic ticket when you bought a movie ticket, no name, date, or other details printed on it. Most theaters were in strip-malls and the line was around the entire building. I’m not sure if they oversold the theater or people were buying tickets for another movie and sneaking in but every seat was full and there were crowds of people sitting on the floor in front of the front row. It was wild and I seem to remember Jedi being the same way. I also seem to remember all three films getting extended runs well beyond the normal number of weeks but I’d need to do some research to verify that.

It was an amazing experience.

I really wish I was alive to see it for the first time in theaters…

There was a week where the world had a secret. A BIG secret

One of the best movies ever made

Easily !! 🥂

And at the same time kinda bad, because now people just compare every single star Wars movie to this one. Also, this poster is dope as hell.

It’s cliche to say it at this point, but this easily the best Star Wars movie… an undisputed classic

I always grew up liking RotJ more, but having binged them again, Empire is by far the better movie. We get great characterization of Han and Leia, meet Yoda, get Luke as a still inexperienced warrior, but nevertheless much more confident. We get the whole trap on Bespin, Luke rushing off to save his friends to only run into a trap himself. We get the big reveal…and the Empire essentially wins, setting up a great cliffhanger for the next movie.

Sometimes popular things are popular for a reason, Empire is a fantastic movie.

And 20 years ago today, I was born.

Damn, you have the same birthday as Empire strikes back. I’m jalous

Happy Birthday!

Same but 31 years ago! Happy birthday!

IGN Article: Marvel Studios to Regain Daredevil TV Rights in Late 2020

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Marvel Studios won’t have to wait much longer until Daredevil can rejoin the MCU. Via Screen Rant, the fan campaign known as Save Daredevil has calculated that only six months remain until the rights to Daredevil transfer from Netflix back to Marvel.

Due to the nature of the contract between Netflix and Marvel, the latter isn’t able to use characters like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones until two years after the cancellation of their respective shows. Netflix canceled Daredevil in late November 2018, meaning Marvel will regain the rights to the character in November 2020.

Every Netflix Marvel Series Review

As Screen Rant points out, Marvel will have also reacquired the rights to Luke Cage and Iron Fist at that point, as both shows were canceled in October 2018. The rights to Jessica Jones and The Punisher will follow in February 2021, with Netflix having canceled its final two Marvel series in February 2019. In less than a year, all five franchises will be back in the Marvel fold.

The question now is when and how Marvel intends to utilize these characters. Will they continue the canceled Netflix shows on a Disney-owned streaming service like Hulu or Disney+? Or will they recast the roles and reboot this particular corner of the MCU? As it is, the connective tissue between the Netflix shows and the MCU movies was limited, to the point where we argued fans should stop pretending the two are connected at all.

Fans were briefly given hope that Daredevil star Charlie Cox might reprise the role in the upcoming third Spider-Man movie. Unfortunately, Cox shot down that rumor, telling “I hadn’t heard those rumors, but it’s certainly not with my Daredevil. I’m not involved in it.”

Only time will tell how these characters will be integrated (or reintegrated) into the MCU. For now, Marvel has big plans for other live-action superhero series on Disney+, including Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. And unlike the Netflix shows, these Disney+ series will be closely intertwined with the MCU movies.


Let us know in the comments below what you hope to see from Daredevil’s MCU future.

Jesse is a mild-mannered staff writer for IGN. Allow him to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket by following @jschedeen on Twitter.

Game News: New PC Games Bundle Benefits Black Lives Matter

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The Black Lives Matter bundle includes two levels of games, with 11 games unlocked for $20 and another nine games available for $40. The bundle includes a variety of indie games from creators on, so if you’re looking to donate this week, here’s a great way to not only support the fight for racial equality but also a group of indie game developers.

The games in this bundle span a wide range of topics and genres, from Moon Hunter, a co-op action “personality test” RPG, to Herald, a choice-driven adventure game set during an alternate 19th century. It also includes Emily is Away Too, a fantastic visual novel that takes place entirely within a mid-2000s-era instant messaging chat. Another one of my favorites, Coffee Talk (which just released this year), is up for grabs too. Coffee Talk is set in an alternate-future Seattle where fantasy creatures like werewolves and vampires live among humans, and you’ll play as a cafe owner who listens to their problems and watches relationships develop over a cup of coffee. It’s a cozy sort of game, but it also touches on topics like racism, the struggles of interracial relationships, and even crunch within the games industry.

To buy the bundle, you can click on the “Buy now from $20” button and enter the amount that you’re looking to donate. Afterward, you’ll own the games on and will receive an email confirmation as well; 10 of the games also come with a Steam key so you can add them to your Steam library.

Check out all of the games you can get by donating below. We’ve also included links to each creator’s page in case you want to peruse more of their work.

Pay $20 or more to unlock:

Pay $40 or more to also receive:

GameSpot has officially kicked off Play For All–a celebration of all things gaming. Join us as we bring you the summer’s hottest news, previews, interviews, features, and videos, as well as raise money for Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 relief efforts with the help of our friends from around the gaming world. Check out the Play For All schedule for more.

Top News: Total calls off plan to buy Occidental Petroleum’s Ghana asset

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PARIS (Reuters) – Total (TOTF.PA) has called off plans to acquire Occidental Petroleum’s assets in Ghana, the French energy company said on Monday. “Given the extraordinary market environment and the lack of visibility that the group faces…Total has decided not to pursue the completion of the purchase of the Ghana assets,” Total said in a statement.

Tech HowTo: Save Your Last Business Card

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You never want to be the person who runs out of business cards at a networking event. You end up scrawling your email address on a piece of paper, or swearing that you’ll remember your new friend’s name or at least their company and job title, and let’s be honest—you won’t. Well, here’s a tip: Next time you’re running low on business cards, save that last one.

What good does that do? Well, it’s 2019 and everyone carries a camera in their pocket. Just say, “This is my last one, but why don’t you take a picture?” Honestly, I think I’d rather go home from a conference with a camera roll full of photos of people’s business cards rather than a stack of actual pieces of paper that I have to sort through.

This tiny hack was inspired by me running out of business cards at an event last month, and by this tweet:

I welcome the future in which a business card is a thing we each only have one of (you could even snap a pic of your new buddy’s conference badge, which is sort of the same thing). But until then, just save your last card. You can even leave the house with just one, if you dare, and lie and say you’ve run out.

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Game News: [Last Chance] Pokemon Sword / Shield: Free Galarian Ponyta Available Right Now

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Alongside Ponyta, The Pokemon Company is also giving away a handful of rare Poke Balls. This gift bundle includes one Level Ball, one Fast Ball, one Love Ball, one Friend Ball, and one Beast Ball.

To claim the freebies, select Mystery Gift from the menu screen and follow these steps:

The Pokemon Company will be giving away a few more freebies in the lead up to Isle of Armor, the first of two paid DLC expansions coming to Sword and Shield this year. Next week, you’ll be able to claim a free Galarian Corsola, while Galarian Meowth will be available the following week. You can see the distribution schedule below:

Isle of Armor is slated to launch on June 17. This expansion takes players to the eponymous island, where they’ll train under a former Pokemon League champion named Mustard and receive the new Legendary Pokemon Kubfu. The second expansion, The Crown Tundra, will follow sometime this fall.

In the meantime, The Pokemon Company is giving fans another chance to get Gigantamax Meowth. The Pokemon was previously only available as an early purchase bonus, but you can now encounter it in Max Raid battles until June 2.

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