Android Game: Magic Rush: Heroes

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War is coming – Will you be ready? Summon heroes to defend your kingdom and charge the enemy in this one-of-a-kind RTS adventure!
Magic Rush: Heroes is a revolutionary combination of skill-aiming controls, a thrilling, real-time PvP Ladder Tourney mode, exciting multiplayer World Map battles, simple yet addicting Tower Defense, and more! Experience the fun of multiple different genres all wrapped up in one extraordinary game.

Rush forth on an unforgettable adventure that you won’t forget!


Summon Powerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming
– Manually choose targets or directions when casting skills. You call the shots!
– Summon attacks to stun, silence, knock airborne, heal and even interrupt enemy skills using precise controls
– Strategy and speed combine. Master them both, and victory is truly in your hands!

Hero Training Powers You Up to Defend the Kingdom
– Role play as diverse hero types, including dozens of unlockable heroes with hundreds of distinctive skills.
– Heroes can be combined in different ways and take the opposition by storm.
– Upgrade your defender with equipment enhancing, rune inlaying, and unique upgrades and abilities for every kind of weapon.
– RPGs and RTS combine to bring you the ultimate Equipment System.

PvP Games in the Ladder Tourney
– Charge to war in a global, cross-server PvP Arena with a turn-based ban/pick phase to level the playing field.
– Defend your victory by strategically banning your opponent’s heroes depending on your own battle plan.
– PvP combat offers awesome rewards for every season!

War Strategy and RTS Gameplay
– RTS combat challenges you to build your tower, upgrade your tech, and dispatch your armies to plunder resources from enemies.
– Defend the kingdom together! Create alliances with millions of players from around the world to thrive in this war-torn landscape.
– RTS battles let you conquer enemies to become the dominant alliance!

Hero Tower Defense Combines Your Favorite Strategy Genres
– An all-new “Hero Tower Defense” concept cleverly combines the heroes of the game with dozens of exquisitely designed Tower Defense stages.
– Drop tower emplacements and activate Hero abilities in real time during exciting battles that you won’t want to put down!
– Defend your based on one-of-a-kind map creations.

Constant Updates Offer
– New heroes
– In-game events
– Weekly updates based on your feedback and suggestions!
– Hard-working developers are constantly updating and improving the gaming experience with new gameplay!

Are you the defender this kingdom needs? Download Magic Rush: Heroes and join the RTS war today!

PLEASE NOTE! Magic Rush is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Magic Rush.

Note: Magic Rush will need to request access to “read the contents of your SD card”
We suggest having at least 1G of space available for download.

Have any questions or issues with the free tower defense RPG adventure game from Elex Tech?
Reach us at: [email protected]
Twitter: @MagicRushHeroes
Official Forum:

Hero Changes:
Hero Skins:
1.Lilith: Scarlet Eve: Every time Lilith successfully casts a Blood Curse on an enemy, it boosts her Magic Penetration and Magic Crit Strike, stacking up to 10x.
Hero Adjustments:
2.Jasmine: Terror Shade: Enemies in a Sleep state under the effect of a shadow will be affected by Nightmare damage.
3.Kong Ming: Green Dragon: Slightly increased HP and ATK for the Green Dragon.

Steam Game: Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command

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Take to the skies! Guide your Imperial Navy or Ork Airwaagh squadron to victory and experience every dive, roll and ultra high-G turn through desperate dogfights in this tactical aerial combat game. Life is the Emperor’s currency, spend it well.

About This Game

Take control of the war for air supremacy in the 41st millennium.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command propels the excitement of the Warhammer 40,000 universe into the stratosphere in a richly detailed aerial combat game.

Enter the arena of tactical airborne warfare like never before as you launch into the war-torn skies of the 41st Millennium. Plan your manoeuvres and issue your commands, then pray to the Emperor (or to Gork and Mork) as your strategy unfolds in real time cinematic playback. Take to the skies as the heroes of the Imperial Navy and defend the Imperium or take command of the Ork Airwaagh and lead the planetary plundering from the air, for when the skies are dominated, control over the land soon follows.

Delivering a deep yet visually engaging combination of simultaneous turn-based strategy and atmospheric cinematic action, Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command takes the core mechanics and complexity of the tabletop game and streamlines them into an immersive tactical experience with more explosions!

Hit ’em hard, Hit ’em low and give ’em plenty of Dakka” – Uzgob (call-sign: Mavarork), Kommanda of the Deff Skwadron

Key Features

  • Become the Flight Commander of the Aeronautica Imperialis or Skwadron Kommanda of the Ork Air Waaagh and take control of the fearsome airborne war engines of the Warhammer 40,0000 universe.
  • Simultaneous turn-based strategy meets real-time cinematic action. See the enemies of the Imperium of Mankind (or da puny humies) be destroyed from every angle.
  • In-depth tactical elements including altitude, pilot commands and a wide range of weapon systems adapted faithfully from the tabletop game.
  • Full single player air superiority campaign. Customise your squadron, level-up your pilots’ abilities with new skills, equip your aircraft with a deadly array of weaponry and build the ultimate flying force. then take on the might of the Airwaaagh’s fly boss over the skies of Rynn’s World.
  • 7 scenarios – each one a self-contained story delivering a different challenge in either single-player or multiplayer online. Play each one as the Imperial Navy or Ork Air Waaagh!
  • From Thunderbolts to Marauders, Fightas to ‘Eavy Bommers, take command of the mighty airborne engines of war from across the Imperial Navy and Ork Airwaagh!

I give you command of the air. It is up to you how you take it.” – Warmaster Macaroth, dispatch to Admiral Ornoff, 773.M41

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IGN Article: Best Horror TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (May 2020)

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Are you looking for the best horror TV shows on Netflix right now? It can be hard to dig through the service to find what’s worth watching. But that’s where we’ve got you covered with our monthly updates on the best new series on the streamer, from The Haunting of Hill House to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. This lineup includes many of the top recent horror series from 2020, 2019, and beyond, as well as several all-time classics. Who says it has to be Halloween to watch these shows?!

When you’re done here, be sure to also check out our list of the 100 Best Horror Movies Ever and what’s new to Netflix this month.

The Best Horror TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

Best Movies on Netflix by Genre:

Please note: This list pertains to U.S. Netflix subscribers. Some titles may not currently be available on international platforms. This article is frequently amended to remove shows no longer streaming on Netflix, and to include more horror TV series that are now available on the service.


Just as they did for Sherlock Holmes, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss manage to put a fresh spin on one of the most iconic characters in Western fiction in the form of a BBC-produced miniseries. Dracula may be an adaptation of the classic Bram Stoker novel, but it’s not afraid to chart its own path over the course of its three 90-minute episodes. The series thrives by exploring the rivalry between the undead Count (Claes Bang) and his nemesis Agatha Van Helsing (Dolly Wells). The end result is as silly as it is spooky, but it’s just the ticket for vampire fans fed up with the usual fare.

Read IGN’s Dracula: Season 1 review or watch Dracula on Netflix.

Black Summer

Syfy may have canceled Z Nation in 2018, but the series lives on in a new form on Netflix. The spinoff series Black Summer is basically the anti-Walking Dead. It’s less concerned with character building and exploring the long-term course of humanity after the zombie apocalypse than it is the immediate, visceral fear of battling the undead. Sometimes style over substance is just what the zombie doctor ordered.

Read IGN’s Black Summer: Season 1 review or watch Black Summer on Netflix.


You don’t need to be an anime fanatic to appreciate this series, which finally proves that video game adaptations can do justice to the source material. A (very) loose adaptation of Castlevania III on the NES, this series brings together three vampire-hunting heroes in a quest to rid the land of Wallachia from Dracula’s scourge. Stylish action and surprisingly deep characterization both help Castlevania soar. Whether in live-action or animation, Dracula has rarely been this sympathetic a villain.

Read IGN’s Castlevania: Season 1 review or watch Castlevania on Netflix.


Dark may technically qualify as a science fiction series more than anything else, but it’ll definitely scratch that horror itch all the same. This dense German-language series centers on a town that sits atop a time-travel portal and the complex web of characters and conspiracies linked by that portal. The series is dark, brooding and unsettling in addition to being a real mind trip.

Read IGN’s Dark: Season 2 review or watch Dark on Netflix.


Daybreak serves as a recent and very welcome addition to Netflix’s horror TV lineup. It’s a zombie survival story with a considerable twist, as it’s as much a John Hughes-inspired coming of age comedy as it is a saga about surviving in the post-apocalypse. Daybreak presents a flawed by ultimately very entertaining world that prioritizes humor as much as horror.

Read IGN’s Daybreak: Season 1 review or watch Daybreak on Netflix.


What if the Devil not only walked among us, but he ran a nightclub in Los Angeles and helped the LAPD solve difficult cases? That’s the premise of this series, which stars Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker. The series doesn’t show the same literary ambitions as the comic book source material, but it does put an entertaining and dark spin on the typical police procedural format. Netflix has now become the sole home of Lucifer following NBC’s cancellation of the series, and the service recently debuted the fourth season, with a fifth and potentially sixth season on the way.

Read IGN’s Lucifer: Season 4 review or watch Lucifer on Netflix.


The Arrowverse isn’t the only shared universe The CW has established in recent years. Legacies is a spinoff of The Originals, which itself built on the foundation of The Vampire Diaries. This series combines the sexually charged high school drama of Riverdale with a healthy dash of True Blood and X-Men. Danielle Rose Russell stars as Hope Mikaelson, a teenage vampire and the newest student at Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. While perhaps best appreciated by fans of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, Legacies has a lot to offer anyone in the mood for a little spooky soap opera fun.

Read IGN’s Legacies: Series premiere review or watch Legacies on Netflix.

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is one of the most celebrated books in the history of horror literature, and has already spawned one of the best horror movies ever made, Robert Wise’s The Haunting, back in 1963. This new adaptation comes from director Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s Game), and very loosely adapts the original tale into a generational saga of supernatural horror, as the Crain family tries to renovate the creepy estate and suffers terrible consequences. Few horror shows have ever received the level of acclaim that The Haunting of Hill House has been getting, so find out for yourself why!

Read IGN’s The Haunting of Hill House: Season 1 review or watch The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Hot on the heels of the hit series Riverdale comes Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, another adaptation of the old, wholesome Archie comic books with a dark, modern twist. Instead of being a mild-mannered, wholesome witch who lives next door and gets into delightful mischief, this version of Sabrina (played by Kiernan Shipka) engages in twisted spells and horrifying rituals. Will she embrace her dark baptism, or will she see the light…?

Read IGN’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 1 review or watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Finally… a cooking show with demon puppets. The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell is a curious creation in and of itself. McConnell stars as a version of herself, who lives in a house full of puppet creatures, created by Henson Alternative. When she’s not wrapped up in the misadventures of her mummified cat and roadkill raccoon, she’s making astounding treats modeled after ghoulish delights, like edible femurs and eerily haunted houses. The creations are nearly impossible for most people to make at home because they require an astounding amount of artistic skill, but it’s fascinating to watch McConnell work and her creepy companions are always a delight.

Watch The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix.

American Horror Story

Murder House. Asylum. Coven. Freak Show. Hotel. Roanoke. Every season of the anthology American Horror Story takes place in another corner of America, with a new series of horrors, and most of them are varying degrees of great. The show has a grand guignol sensibility that’s outlandish and entertaining, but it still manages to be genuinely scary once in a while. And watching the same cast of actors play completely different roles in various different seasons gives American Horror Story a strange and fascinating continuity unlike any other horror show on television.

Read IGN’s American Horror Story: 1984 premiere review or watch American Horror Story on Netflix.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

The adventures of Ash began in the Evil Dead cult hit horror trilogy, and for decades it seemed as though his Deadite-killing days were over. But Ash vs. Evil Dead brought back Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in a show that continued the mythology and the wild humor that everyone loved from the original, classic films (until it was axed after Season 3, anyway). Ashy Slashy forever!

Read IGN’s Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season 1 review or watch Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix.

Bates Motel

The prequel to the classic, iconic horror movie Psycho, Bates Motel tells the story of a young Norman Bates and his weirdly manipulative mother, who we all know are eventually doomed to live a life of tragedy and murder. But getting there is a lot of creepy fun, with eerie foreshadowing, icky subtext, and admittedly some unnecessary subplots about drug trafficking.

Read IGN’s Bates Motel: Season 1 review or watch Bates Motel on Netflix.

Devilman Crybaby

Masaaki Yuasa’s update of the classic Devilman manga is one of the most twisted and violent shows around. It’s the story of a young, sensitive teenager who becomes infected with a homicidal demon that uses its powers to destroy other demons. But this isn’t a “monster of the week” series. Devilman Crybaby eventually transforms into something completely harrowing, and unlike anything else you’re likely to find on Netflix.

Watch Devilman Crybaby on Netflix.


Michael C. Hall plays Dexter, a serial killer who kills other killers. So that makes him… okay? This subversive Showtime series treats homicidal mania like some kind of superpower, with a protagonist who has a secret identity he can never, ever reveal. The later seasons lose steam, but when Dexter was great, it was one of the best shows on television.

Read IGN’s Dexter: Season 1 review or watch Dexter on Netflix.


Kids like horror too! In this adaptation of the classic R.L. Stine book series, every episode tells a new story of monstrousness without ever becoming actual nightmare fuel. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or trying to introduce your kids to the horror genre, the Goosebumps TV series is a safe, fun, but still kinda spooky treat.

Watch Goosebumps on Netflix.


Just when you thought everything had been done with the zombie genre, and the procedural genre, here comes iZombie, a sharply written series about a medical examiner who happens to be undead. She can only survive by eating brains, and when she eats them, she can remember things about the corpse, which helps her solve one crime after another in this morbidly funny twist on some beloved television tropes.

Read IGN’s iZombie: Season 1 review or watch iZombie on Netflix.


Depending on your definition of horror, Mindhunter might not technically qualify, but it’s certainly horror-adjacent. This exceptional series tells the true story of how the FBI evolved to get into the minds of serial killers, and all of the obstacles that had to be overcome to convince law enforcement officials that there were other ways of investigating and tracking murderers. It’s dark, it’s intriguing, and with several episodes each season directed by David Fincher, it fits right into the mold of Se7en and Zodiac.

Read IGN’s Mindhunter: Season 1 review or watch Mindhunter on Netflix.

Penny Dreadful

All of the gothic literary horror characters who emerged in the late 1800s were real, and lived at the same time. That’s the premise of the captivating and stylish series Penny Dreadful, which combines serious period piece drama with modern fantasy world-building. It may be a bit slow at times, but it’ll suck you right in.

Read IGN’s Penny Dreadful: Season 1 review or watch Penny Dreadful on Netflix.

Stranger Things

The pop culture phenomenon Stranger Things is a show that wears a lot of hats, sometimes evoking Spielbergian levels of nostalgia and wonder, and sometimes Stephen King-like moments of unbridled terror. It’s a blend that works well for Stranger Things, and helps it stand out amongst a sea of other 1980s-inspired movies and TV shows. If you haven’t watched it already, it’s time you started. And now the third season is now available to binge.

Read IGN’s Stranger Things: Season 1 review or watch Stranger Things on Netflix.


The impossibly long-running horror-adventure series Supernatural has two of the most likable stars in the horror TV genre, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who play monster-hunting brothers who travel the country fighting beasties and solving urban legends. The first five seasons are pretty spectacular, and although it couldn’t quite stay brilliant afterwards, there’s a reason it’s lasted 15 years. Give it a watch and you’ll see why.

Read IGN’s Supernatural: Season 1 review or watch Supernatural on Netflix.

The Walking Dead

The zombies took over the Earth. Now what? The hit zombie drama The Walking Dead just keeps going, and it still finds new ways to shock its audience, long after you’d imagine they’d run out of ideas. At its best, The Walking Dead is one of the best horror shows in TV history. At its worst, it’s still worth watching to get to the next good part.

Read IGN’s The Walking Dead: Season 1 review or watch The Walking Dead on Netflix.

Wynonna Earp

The horror TV show that’s stealthily built up a dedicated cult following, Wynonna Earp, tells the story of Wyatt Earp’s descendant, who now protects the town of Purgatory from demons alongside an immortal Doc Holliday. It’s probably the most butt-kicking supernatural action show on television. You’re going to want to see what all the fuss is about.

Watch Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

How We Pick the Best Horror TV Shows on Netflix


We’ve combed through the Netflix lineup for the most varied horror lineup we can find. The goal is to spotlight both original series like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Castlevania and popular TV fare like Bates Motel and Supernatural. The goal is to have something for horror fans of all tastes, whether you prefer your horror to focus on the mystical, undead zombies and monsters, or good, old-fashioned man.

Game News: Fortnite Will Debut A Trailer For Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s New Movie

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Players can jump in at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on May 21 to see a screening of the new trailer. There will be a showing at the top of every hour on the big screen located on the far west side of the island in the no-combat Party Royale game mode.

Tenet, which is currently scheduled to release in mid-July, features John David Washington and Robert Pattinson trying to prevent a world conflict by using time manipulation. We don’t know much else about the movie just yet as Nolan likes to keep his projects under lock and key until closer to release. Nolan’s film could potentially be delayed given the pandemic, but no official announcement has been made by him or Warner Bros.

The premiere will be in Fortnite’s new experimental Party Royale mode, a game type that removes weapons so players can enjoy fun without getting eliminated. It features live entertainment like this movie premiere as well as vehicle obstacle courses and vending machines that dispense paint guns instead of assault rifles.

According to Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard, the idea to debut the trailer in Fortnite came from a call between Epic and Christopher Nolan himself. Given Nolan’s strong opinions on film and some of his past comments on streaming platforms like Netflix, many fans wondered about the director’s thoughts on his movie trailer debuting inside a popular video game. Turns out the idea was inspired by a mutual “love of seeing new trailers in a THEATER” and how that’s currently impossible due to the coronavirus.

While Fortnite is not exactly a movie theater replacement, this upcoming trailer premiere is the next in a series of major live events hosted within the popular game. Everything from a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer premiere to Travis Scott‘s larger-than-map performance has brought millions of players back into the game. Epic Games most recently held a concert for the launch of Party Royale earlier this month that featured Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5.

The trailer will most likely be available on YouTube sometime after the premiere in Fortnite, but seeing it in-game will be the first official way to experience it.

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Reddit Anime Post: NaturalVision Evolved – GTA V Graphics Trailer : Games

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Damn, that’s an impressive upgrade to an already impressive mod. Can’t wait for the final release!

Also, damn the trailer is extremely well made, wouldn’t be surprised if the guys behind it would get a few jobs for making trailers in the future, like how those Battlefield cinematics dudes got hired by DICE for BF4 trailers.

This icevip guy is probably a freelancer

The rain section is getting me very interested.

One of the things I loved about Sleeping Dogs was that the rain made the game look absolutely gorgeous. The rain in regular GTAV never felt anywhere near that level for me.

It’s definitely possible, the guy behind the iCEnhancer graphics mods for GTA IV is now the Vice President of Graphics R&D on OTOY (the company who does Octane, an extremely popular render engine for 3D artists).

The music is unbelievably compressed, weirdly. You can hear the artifacts. Everything else is great though.

It would be great for them to be hired by rockstar to make trailers for GTA VI while getting paid $40k per year to work 16 hours a day!

More impressed with the high quality of the trailer then the grafical update itself. Super well produced.

Yeah that trailer was incredible. Hard to believe its a fan made mod.

Agreed, it looked professional from start to finish.

Agreed, this was an absolute balla trailer!

That transition at 0:48? Holy crap

I thought for a sec this was an actual Rockstar video. The cinematography and transitions are actually insane.

When you’re getting $8k per month to make a mod i would expect the trailer to be good quality.

Just like the pros. Amazing video but not what you actually want to see.

True. Just a shame it was only 1080p. Would have loved to see that in crispy 4K.

Impressive skills. Content and delivery are perfect.

Does anyone know the song?

IGN Article: Why Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Finale Was Perfect

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With the news coming this week that Avatar: The Last Airbender is now available on Netflix, we figured it was the perfect time to reflect once again on how perfect the original series’ finale was. Read on for our thoughts on that classic episode…

Full spoilers follow for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

How many TV shows can you name off the top of your head that had an ending that met your expectations or appreciation of what came before? More often than not, we run into a series that overstays its welcome. Perhaps its story gets stretched to absurdity to meet the demand for more seasons (see Lost). Maybe its characters, perpetually upping the ante in shenanigans or drama, stray from their story arcs, becoming exaggerated parodies of their formerly endearing selves (think Andy in The Office, or Andrea in The Walking Dead). And sometimes shows pull a Dexter, and… well, we all remember Dexter.

It’s why shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are looked upon so fondly — not just because of their tight, condensed, expertly paced stories, but because their characters have consistent goals or motivations from the first episode of the show to the very last. These were shows where the creators were given the freedom to tell the story they wanted to share, but with an often underappreciated liberty in that they could do so in however many episodes they felt were needed.

Avatar: The Last Airbender demonstrated this particularly well when it ended over 10 years ago (on July 19, 2008). It was a show that had a clearly defined conclusion in mind with its three-season structure (each named for the respective element Aang would learn to master), and an ending that would come with Sozin’s Comet — a deadline that the protagonists had to meet in order to defeat the Firelord, teased back in the first season. Its four-episode finish benefited greatly from this structure, becoming one of the best series finales of any show ever. There are many reasons why, but it boils down to the culmination of three things — bringing its story full-circle, the increasing quality of its presentation, and most importantly, how it provided an immensely satisfying conclusion for its characters.

Avatar: The Last Airbender started off through and through as a kid’s show. Aang was goofy and fun-loving, Sokka was comic relief, and even all the anger and hate expressed by Zuko was tempered and juxtaposed by his lazy uncle Iroh’s one-liners and rimshots. But as the show went on, the characters began to experience the reality of the war-torn world they were living in. Aang was forced to accept his responsibility of being the Avatar. Sokka, after constantly getting his butt handed to him, realized he had a lot to learn about fighting and the world around him, and slowly set about rebuilding his confidence. Zuko, who over the course of his travels experienced the most change, began to question the man he was becoming under the shadow of his father.

The show’s evolution into something that tackled more adult themes was addressed wonderfully at the start of the finale with a beach party, which harkened back to the tone of the first season, reminding us of the carefree kids the characters used to be. Why grow up and be forced to face your fears when you can drink watermelon juice or make Appa-themed sandcastles instead, staving off the reality for just a little longer of the Fire Nation burning the world to the ground?


It isn’t long, though, before Zuko reminds Aang that whether or not he wants to think about it, he has to kill the Firelord before the comet comes, which eventually sets the events of the finale in motion. A conflicted Aang goes off to confront Ozai, because despite his responsibility to bring balance to the world as the Avatar, he doesn’t see himself as a killer. Zuko and Katara head off to reclaim the Fire Nation from a power-mad Azula. Meanwhile, Sokka, wanting to help but always unsure of how to go about it, heads out with Toph and Suki, scrambling to fight what and where they can.

The show also brought back fan-favorite characters from earlier seasons with the twist that they all belong to “The White Lotus” — a secret society of the old guard dedicated to keeping balance in the world with members like Master Pakku, Bumi, Jeong Jeong, and Piandao. Its call-backs like these that not only allow us to remember how many characters we’ve met over the course of the show, but that also reinforce the importance of the global struggle they’re waging, giving extra weight to the battles to come — which would be the best of the series by the way.

Like the characters becoming better benders over the course of the story, the animators too improved their own craft with more incredible and elaborate fight scenes. That growth is never made more clear than in the finale. With the glow from Sozin’s Comet painting the entire sky with an orange, hellfire hue, Aang takes on a fully-realized Firelord. While the heart-pounding orchestral score plays, Ozai jets towards him, hammering home that there’s no running from this fight. Even with giant boulders, a vast lake, and his own infinite supply of air empowering Aang with all four elements — what we’d been waiting years to see — he’s still outmatched.

The 25 Best Adult Cartoon TV Series

Meanwhile, over in the Fire Nation, Azula challenges Zuko to an Agni Kai, and we’re treated to the best bout from the entire series (including the sequel series The Legend of Korra). Azula’s prodigious mastery of her power is represented by the blue flames which dance off of Zuko’s bright orange blasts. And Zuko’s tenacity is clear, the result of the newfound inspiration he received from dragons — the original Firebenders. His blows roar with a sound like an exploding gas leak, but he’s calm and collected, a reflection of the peace he’s made with his past. It’s visually amazing stuff, with the solemn music of “The Last Agni Kai” perfectly encapsulating the tragedy of two siblings on different paths converging for a final confrontation.

While anyone can watch the finale and appreciate it on an artistic level, it’s elevated to something more by giving each character moments that challenge them, demonstrate their strengths, and bring a fulfilling closure to their individual stories. Katara and Zuko defeat his sister, Azula (a power-hungry sadist who ends her journey in a well of her own insanity). Interestingly, she’s the incarnation of everything Zuko had originally always wanted to be. Iroh realizes that his vision of taking Ba Sing Se from the Earth Kingdom was not to conquer it, but to reconquer it back from the Fire Nation. Sokka (who in my opinion is the real hero of this finale) takes out the entirety of the Fire Nation fleet with nothing but persistence and ingenuity, shelters Toph from falling debris — sacrificing his space sword and boomerang to save her — and manages to spare a moment to kiss Suki, finally fully confident of his abilities. And of course Aang, who after struggling to bring himself to take a life, is able to tap back into the Avatar State and dominate Ozai, finding a way to defeat him by taking away his bending. He embraces his destiny as the Avatar while remaining true to the person he strives to be, an achievement which resonates with the name of the final episode: “Avatar Aang.”

If you can’t tell, I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was one of those shows that I didn’t even realize my friends were into at the time, because none of us were willing to admit we were watching a cartoon, which is why I’m always grateful seeing it still talked about today with such admiration. One of the reasons many look back on it as such a success is because we were able to walk away with no major lingering questions (though to be fair, they could’ve at least told us in Korra if Zuko found his mom!). It did everything a finale should do; it provided a thrilling climax, concluded story arcs with earned confrontations, and gave us closure for the characters — characters which many of us in this age of the internet grew up with.

The finale is perhaps best summarized by contrasting it with a quote from Iroh: “I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you had lost your way.” Avatar: The Last Airbender never lost its way, or its place in our hearts, even now over 10 years later.

Read about the Netflix live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender right here. And what did you think of the original series? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Game News: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Pre-Order Guide: Limited Editions, Bonuses, And Collectible Gear

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is set in the ninth century in a period of turmoil for the Vikings. You play as Eivor, a Viking raider who leads their clan away from the war-torn homeland of Norway on an adventure to England. Eivor can be played as male or female, and Ubisoft promises its combat will take cues from Viking fighting styles, with a reworked combat system that includes dual-wielding and more enemy variety. Like recent iterations of the franchise, Valhalla will have a season pass that grants access to post-launch DLC.

Valhalla will release this holiday on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, The Epic Game Store, Uplay and Uplay+, and Stadia. So far, we’ve only seen pre-order listings for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of the game. It seems likely that those looking to pre-order on Xbox Series X or PS5 may have to wait longer to lock in their pre-order. Xbox users, however, will be able to buy one copy of Valhalla to play on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. We’ll update this article with more pre-order links and pricing when those become available.

For more on the next entry in the Ubisoft franchise, check out our roundup of everything we know about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla so far. GameSpot spoke with Valhalla narrative designer Derby McDevitt about the highly anticipated game, too. We learned Valhalla will connect to both Origins and Odyssey, and the storytelling will lean on a different structure than fans have become accustomed to. If you’re getting God of War vibes from Valhalla thanks to the Norse gods, McDevitt said Ubisoft’s take on Norse mythology will be more grounded.

Pre-ordering Assassin’s Creed Valhalla unlocks access to a bonus mission dubbed The Way of the Berserker.

It’s likely retailers will also offer their own exclusive bonuses before release–we’ll include those here when available.

The standard edition comes with The Way of the Berserker mission and is available to pre-order now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Xbox One


Next up is the Gold Edition, which is available in both physical and digital formats. The Gold Steelbook Edition comes with the game, any pre-order bonuses, the season pass, and a gold steelbook for $110. Those who pre-order the $100 digital edition will just get the base game and season pass.


Xbox One


The $120 Ultimate Edition–available in both physical and digital formats–includes the base game, any pre-order bonuses, season pass, and the Ultimate Pack. Listed as exclusive customization content, the Ultimate Pack comes with the following items:

GameStop also has an exclusive Ultimate Edition that comes with a steelbook case for $130.


Xbox One


The Collector’s Edition bundles all of the Ultimate Edition content–base game, pre-order bonuses, season pass, and Ultimate Pack–and adds a bunch of physical goodies:

The $200 Collector’s Edition is available exclusively at the Ubisoft Store and is available to pre-order now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s currently sold out, but likely to come back in stock at some point before the game’s launch.

The Collector’s Edition isn’t the only way to snag Valhalla collectibles. Ubicollectibles will also release a new Hidden Blade Replica based on its look in Valhalla and an Eivor The Wolf-Kissed figurine. Right now, we’re only seeing the Hidden Blade up for pre-order on the EU site, where it’s selling for €59.99.

The Eivor The Wolf-Kissed figure is also up for pre-order on the EU site for €59.99. We’ll update with US links if they become available.

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Tech HowTo: Where to Find Free Entertainment During the Coronavirus Shutdown

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Sitting here in not-so-sunny California, I’m bored to tears as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown. And while I have video games to entertain me, and endless work to do (from home, of course), I’ve been looking for a better way to deal with the solitary conditions I, and plenty others, will be dealing with over the next few weeks.

I’ve come up with two solutions: webcams and culture. It sounds weird, I know. Hear me out.

Sure, you can go tour a bunch of museums virtually right now, but staring at a painting or a sculpture doesn’t have quite the same liveliness to it as the regular outside world. Instead, I recommend slapping a webcam feed on your laptop or desktop display while you mill about the house—or try to get work done. I’d much rather stare at jellyfish than a hunk of chiseled rock. Or how about an eagle? Some elephants? Puffins? Goats? Penguins? Your 4o1k? (I kid.) You could watch a free Dropkick Murphys concert on March 17, since you probably won’t be able to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day any other fun way. You could also listen to a fancy new Hamilton song, though that probably won’t get you through two weeks (or more) of isolation.

You have so many options to watch the world from home, you probably won’t be able to get through them all by the time your self-quarantine ends. Color some books! Learn to be Deadmau5! Keep your eye out, and you might find plenty of awesome ways to enrich your life (or combat boredom) while your local city shuts down.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean the end of game night with your friends, it just means that…

You no longer need to be a Harvard student or Princeton grad to benefit from instruction at these…

If you’re looking to brush up on a skill, learn a new thing, or add a little spice to your…

Props to Lifehacker’s own Nick Douglas for stumbling across this one—something I’ve always known,…

If you want to learn how to code, taking your first steps into this huge universe might seem like a

As for the culture bit, two opportunities come to mind. The Metropolitan Opera is hosting free streams of its popular “Live in HD” performances from March 16 through March 22. Each performance will be available to view for 20 hours after it has been released, so don’t sweat it if you have evening plans—also, shouldn’t you not have evening plans right now?

The full Met schedule is:

You can also watch the Philadelphia Orchestra’s live stream of BeethovenNOW: Symphonies 5 & 6, which it recorded on March 12 (to an empty concert hall).

There are plenty more concert streams worth checking out from a variety of orchestras, and I urge you to give this full schedule a look! What good is sitting alone in your room, after all? Let the music play.