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sees 69 tattoo nice (I know it’s not 69, it’s just a joke, but someone is bound to take me seriously)

now it cannot be unseen

Why does Bronya look like she’s been abducted by these two and is now being presented as an offering?

I’m not complaining, I’m merely curious.

Also how is that donut floaty appear to be basically entirely underwater.

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We all know what’s really going on here

Reddit Anime Post: Kiana wants Fu Hua’s buns : houkai3rd

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Who wouldn’t want them? Fu Hua is the hottest thing there is, so it’s only natural that she has steaming buns.

Oh, you meant the food…

Sauce is from Meadows, whom you may know as the Guns GirlZ/Honkai Gakuen 2 artist. They also do official artwork for Honkai Impact 3 on occasion as well.

Happy to see the new Kiana outfit getting a lot of mileage already.

or probably robbing her buns

Reddit Anime Post: Headpats for Deutschland : AzureLane

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I’m confused by her clothes changing in the arc of a headpat

The longer he headpats, the more she turns into a little child. The clothes are just to aid in the visual changes.

If it’s only the clothes I’m okay with this, but to me it looks like she is also getting younger

Original untranslated

Still gotta work on translating that Oklahoma doujin

It’s not a hentai doujin, you degenerates

1.Doujin is the Japanese term for “self published work” so that doesn’t mean it’s hantai, It’s just that most hantais fall under the Doujin category

2. Can you give us the link when it’s finished

Omg so cute!!!!😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Considering her personality, she is more likely to have bitten you….

You’ve confused her with Hammann.

Deutschland’s just a bratty girl.

Reddit Anime Post: Shots fired : AzureLane

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Chance to burn: 100%

HE intensifies

So Bel’s night training is effective after all.

I like how Bismarck is just like “Listen here you little shit” while Prinz Eugen just shanks Enterprise with a torpedo

Welcome to the roast of Bismarck.

But where’s Madrinas Coffee?

Meanwhile inside Graf Zeppelins head:






Breaking news: Bismarck dealt crippling damage by Eagle Union’s Ace Carrier. Last seen with superstructure aflame.

Reports indicate that Enterprise only took moderate damage during the counter attack by an entire Ironblood task force.

Gosh Darn it that Protag Plot Armor.

“The Big E has been renamed the Big F”

And by moderate damage we mean they shot her kneecaps and bruised her face to an unbelievable degree

Don’t fuck with Germans,they are calm but vicious bastards

Awww, poor bisquit. But great burn tho, holy shit


I read this in Alexander Ovenchin’s voice.

She was probably hoping to proc Lucky E and escape. What you see is what happens in the 30% chance that it doesn’t.

Well since this is based on the Captain America Elevator fight. Enterprise won’t be needing Lucky E to fight them off. She will use main character’s plot protection to win.

No joke, long time ago my lvl 110 Enty was the last ship standing and she faced three lvl 110-116 BBs- Jean Bart, SoDak and an another BB. Somehow Hood adjusted her reload time so she always launched in about the same time opponent BBs fired. She proced 2 more times and singlehandely eliminated all 3 remaining opponents.

It took me way too long to get this. I approve though :p.

<.< yeah but the Red Baron was shot down by some guy on the ground with a machine gun.

Reddit Anime Post: Adorable goddess : Konosuba

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Cute but still pretty useless

Just quickly glancing over this, I read “adorable” as “alcoholic”

How cute

Cute <3

You misspelled useless.

I thought you meant Eris for a moment.Then the pic loaded.

Don’t bully our useless but cute goddess Aqua Sama

Religiously, I am opposed to this bullying of Eris’s senior goddess.

Personally, I revel in it.

Reddit Anime Post: Official Kaguya 2020 Calendar – March and April : Kaguya_sama

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Reddit Anime Post: been re-reading the web-comic, so I made this. : OnePunchMan

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I love how meme-worthy this entire fight is while still being so damned amazing

it’s just a hobby

Is it tho? it seems to me that Saitama isn’t enjoying his hobby very much and he’s bored all the time.

i think at this point he’s still a hero cause that’s pretty much the only thing he’s good at, and even King told him he’s not the best hero

I personally think that was bullshit coming from King, but yeah, it is a hobby, he just gets paid for it. He’s a hero, but at this point, he knows how strong he is relative to everyone else, if he didn’t want to be a hero, he could find another job pretty easily.


should I do more memes in future or nah ? LOL, cause I’ve got so many in mind but I also wanna do actual art too but by the looks of it you all seem to like memes more so I dunno. cause I’m looking at the very beginning of Chapter 88 right now haha, it is very memeable, can any of you guess which meme I have in mind based on the first few panels ?🤔

75/25, I like your art more xD

No saying that the meme is bad.

You missed the giant hole in his face.

nah I left it out intentionally since I wanted the facial features of the meme dude to be recognizable.

I love this

Great edit, waiting for this moment in the manga.

Garou looks like a young Heihachi Mishima. Lol

“Yes” ~ Saitama before giving Garou a physical and emotional breakdown.

i just realised that garou’s plan is the same as ozymandias from watchmen

Nice. Would’ve been funnier without the “Am I a joke to you?” though.

Reddit Anime Post: [Request} I have Noticed that you are missing the openings end endings of yorinuki gintama-san and sumomomo momomo : AnimeThemes

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yorinuki gintama-sam

If you mean the 2017 re-run, this has already been requested and there still don’t exist any acceptable sources from what I can see.